White Marble: Price, Types, Paraná, Pigues, Carrara, Dallas

As a decorative item, white marble alone is already a true luxury in any environment. It can be used in several areas, such as bathroom countertops, stairs, floors, among other places. However, its use requires certain precautions that differ from marbles of other colors.

When well cared for, white marble is one of the most striking items in an environment. That’s because your first impression is always of sophistication and quality when choosing the material. But when proper care is not taken, the entire decorative design of a space can go down the drain.

In addition, choosing the correct marble is also crucial for adapting to the environment. In fact, did you know that there are a multitude of types of white marble? The universe of marbles is classified into colors, characteristics, vein density, brilliance, and many other peculiarities.

If you still have doubts about choosing this material for your decorative project, check out below everything you need to know about white marble:

Types of white marble

The types are divided according to the visual finish that each provides. For example, there are marbles with more or less veins, with more homogeneous colors, or even with little or a lot of brightness. All of this must be considered for the realization of a project with this noble material.

According to all these classifications already mentioned, there are nine types of marbles that are widely used in decoration projects. Each of them presents its characteristics, price and finish. Check out what they are:

  • Piguês;
  • Carrara ;
  • Van;
  • Paraná;
  • Souza;
  • Moura;
  • Sparkling;
  • Special;
  • Thassos.

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White marble Price m2

Just as there are different marble models in this color, there are several prices for each one. Each type has a different value per m². We can find white marble from R $ 300 reais.

In addition, the values ​​we will show below may also vary depending on the region of the country or even the store in which it is purchased. But on an average, the price of white marble follows the following metric:

  • Piguês – R $ 1,000.00;
  • Carrara – R $ 600.00 to R $ 900.00;
  • Van – R $ 350.00;
  • Paraná – R $ 300.00;
  • Souza – R $ 300.00;
  • Moura – R $ 450.00;
  • Sparkling – R $ 750.00;
  • Special – R $ 500.00;
  • Thassos – R $ 1,400.00.

Recalling that the prices mentioned are only an average, and may vary considering the factors of the region of the country and the stores that supply the product.


Carrara White Marble

Carrara white marble

Among all types of white marbles, Carrara is the best known in the world. Of Italian origin, Carrara was widespread in the world from the statues of the famous biblical hero David by Michelangelo. That’s because Carrara marble was used to sculpt the famous statues of this icon of the time.

Although this type of stone was widely used at that time to sculpt statues and monuments, nowadays its usefulness applies to a multitude of items. But it was his fame that made Carrara win the world among the options of white marble.

The biggest feature of the Carrara is the all white background with gray veins. This is the greatest definition of this type of marble, being its trademark and totally unique.

Carrara Price

As we have already seen, the price per m² of Carrara marble does not go below R $ 600. Although it is very popular, its price still maintains an acceptable value when compared to Piguês or Thassos. But to face a project with this type of marble, it is necessary to pay the price for its fame.

White Marble Van


For those who are passionate about Carrara, but cannot afford to invest in the most famous stone of white marbles, the best option is the Carrarinha. As the name implies, Carrarinha is an adapted version of the famous Carrara marble. However, this second marble option that takes almost the same gray strokes and the white background has a more affordable value.

Carrarinha’s production is entirely national. In other words, white Carrarinha marble is produced in Brazil, so its cost is reduced compared to Carrara. The national product has a better cost and has a great finish. However, it is important to consider that Carrarinha is more marked than Carrara and still has small grains, which resembles the type of granite stone.

Therefore, it is totally suitable for those who want a finish similar to the Carrara, but cannot afford to spend that much.


Van Price

Its average price is R $ 350, almost half of Carrara. Therefore, it can be used to replace the most famous of marbles without losing quality.


Piguês white marble

Piguês white marble

Of Greek origin, the Piguês marble stone has as its main characteristic its light hue with small veins in light gray color. Among the white marbles, the Piguês type can be considered the most delicate because it has light and subtle designs.

Due to not having such marked veins with long spacing between them, Piguês is more suitable for large surfaces for a better finish. This is because in larger spaces, it is possible to view the entire design of the marble through the veins. On smaller surfaces, Piguês may not provide the same visual finish.

Thus, Piguês stone can be widely used on walls, countertops, on the floor and on any large surface. However, it is necessary to correctly budget the value of this investment, which in the case of Piguês is not at all cheap.


white marble piguês

Piguês marble price

As we mentioned earlier, Piguês is among the most expensive white marbles. Your m² does not leave for less than R $ 1.000,00. If it is used as recommended, on large surfaces, the price can be quite expensive.

National models of white marble

The Carrarinha model is not the only type of white marble manufactured in Brazil. Check out all the models that are made in Brazil:


Moorish white marble


The Moura model is also part of the national collection and offers excellent cost and benefit conditions. Its greatest feature is in the smooth designs with little marked veins. In addition, their designs are very small giving greater emphasis to the white color.


white marble parana


In honor of Paraná, Paraná white marble is also manufactured in Brazil and is a great option for those who use stone in decoration at a low cost. This marble version is characterized by a white background and veins spaced in beige and brown.


special white marble


Of national origin, the Special marble has a white background and discreet details in gray . Its greatest feature is a subtle design of the heterogeneous stone type. In this type of stone, the designs are far apart.


Common white marble

The common type of this category of marbles is one that has a white background with subtle designs and unmarked veins. This type of marble is composed of calcium, carbonate and other minerals responsible for defining the design and color of ordinary white marble.

This marble model could be called the base model, as it presents little information and adapts to any environment. In addition, this model is the one with the lowest price among white marbles. Its average price per m² is usually R $ 150. Therefore, ordinary white marble is the best option for those who want to invest in white stone at a low cost.


Most used types of white marble

Also called Bianco Carrara, the Carrara marble model is still the most used in the world. Although its price is not very cheap, it is possible to find several variations of the Carrara at an affordable cost. The most used models are:

  • Carrara
  • Carrara Gióia
  • Giáia Venatino

The three models mentioned are the most used in the white marble category. The Carrara Gióia and Gióia Venatino are two variations of the Carrara that follow a pattern of design, veins and tones similar to the Italian model.

In addition to these models, there are the options of the marble Statuary and Calacata as a replacement for the Carrara. Although they are not as well known as the Italian model, their finish is very similar.

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Where to use white marble

Its versatility is indisputable, so we can say that white marble can be used in any environment. To ensure that its quality will remain for a long time, some care must be taken. For example, white marble is not very suitable for the kitchen because of the risk of stains. But it is still possible to place it in regions with little contact such as on the wall.

Below is a list of where and how to use white marble while preserving its characteristics and quality for a long time:

Floor: this type of marble goes well with flooring, as the light color brings luminosity to the environment and provides spaciousness.

Stairs: marble stairs are a real luxury. In addition to being beautiful, they gain even more clarity with white marble.

Wall: white marble can be used even on the wall. In this case, a great way to combine the stone with the environment is to integrate a fireplace with the wall.

White Marble Questions and Answers

What is the cheapest white marble?

Souza Marble , it is generally in the same range as the Paraná Marble , in the amount of R $ 300 per square meter. Then you can analyze these two options and choose the one you like best.

What stains white marble?

There are some products that help to remove the stain. To help you, I have separated the main ones below for you to use on your floor:

  • Bicarbonate;
  • Lemon;
  • Vinegar;
  • Polishing;
  • Salt.

If you are going to use one of the products above, it is always good that you dilute it with water and do not leave it for that long. Rub in the spot where the stain is and then rinse well. This is important to avoid damaging your floor.

Floor that imitates white marble. Which is?

Although many people believe that there is no alternative but marble flooring, there are other options that mimic white marble, at a much cheaper price. Therefore, for those who want to save and still leave with a fair price, see below what are the options you can put in your home:

  • Ceramics;
  • Porcelain;
  • Vinyl floor;
  • Painting.

What is good to lighten white marble?

A good option to lighten white marble is to seek specialized products . Unfortunately some products can end up damaging your floor. Therefore, a good option is to go in a proper place for this.

You can opt for some homemade substances as well. Such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon . But you have to use it in a small amount and in a short time to avoid staining.

What cleans white marble?

Use mild soap and water

The neutral soap is an excellent option for those who want a more thorough cleaning. Then you can put a little water with the mild soap and rub a lot. The result is flawless after washing.

Water and Vinegar

Vinegar is a great product for cleaning white spaces, but you need to be cautious in its use. That’s because if you put too much or leave it too long, it can end up staining your floor. Then dilute it in water and leave it for a short time.

Use specific products

Nowadays you find several very interesting products on the market. So if you prefer you can choose to buy a more specific product. The result is also excellent.

Bet on the lemon

Lemon is another option to clean the white marble floor due to its properties. However, you need to be very careful when using it. That’s because if you leave it for a long time you can end up staining the floor, just like vinegar. Therefore, try to be attentive to this.