Simple Male Bedroom Decor: 50 Breathtaking Ideas!

Times have changed and the behavior of men in relation to decoration as well. Nowadays, they value design, beauty and comfort. The bedroom is one of the places in the house that we spend the most time on, so the decoration of the male bedroom should be thought out in the smallest details to provide tranquility.

The decoration of the men’s room tends to be more modern, elegant and in more sober tones. It is common to find rooms with gray, blue and black walls. But that does not exclude that some rooms have more cheerful and colorful tones.

One thing you can be sure of, authenticity, personality and elegance cannot be lacking! More cozy decorations have furniture and pieces with a unique and striking design. taj residencia offers you to design your own room and how to decorate it. To learn all about men’s bedroom decor trends, check out our tips and inspirations below.

Men’s bedroom colors

The colors are responsible for providing comfort and making the environment more pleasant. Usually, the color palette of the men’s room pulls more towards more neutral and sober tones of blue, black and gray, as they are easy to insert and combine. They are perfect for more classic and youthful decorations.

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However, they are not the only colors used. You can invest in shades of beige, white, green, among others. All it takes is good planning and combinations to create an incredible room with lots of personalities.

If the idea is to invest in happier colors, the best solution is to leave them for the details, such as shelves, niches or decorative items, such as lamps, cushions and pictures. Thus, attention is focused on these products, but in a subtle way, without overloading the environment.

Pictures for male room

The details are responsible for making all the difference. So, choosing decorative items with personality is essential to compose a young, beautiful and fun decoration. Frames are a great option for that.

It is possible to make pictures of almost everything, football, games, movies, comics, music, other sports and whatever else you want. For the male room, take into account your personality. Are you a fan of comics? So invest in pictures with characters that you are a fan of. The same goes for football fans, be sure to represent your team from the heart in some way.

There are a multitude of designs that can be framed and placed on the wall. Pay attention to the colors of the frames. White colors match light and colorful walls. The black ones are amazing on darker tones and so on.

Wallpaper for Male Room

There are other objects available that can add a touch of style and personality. Wallpapers are great for making the environment more cheerful and fun. There are many patterns that can be used, but if you are looking for a simpler and minimalist decor, the stripes are good choices, for a more relaxed room, invest in a patterned wallpaper.

A more modern decor and with an industrial footprint, it asks for a wallpaper of bricks or burnt cement. Think carefully about what you want to compose and invest in the wallpaper that best matches the rest of the environment and your personality.

Lighting for men’s room

The best type of lighting for any environment is natural, however, it is necessary to invest in decorative elements that contribute to the lighting when the sunlight is gone. For this, luminaires and pendants are the best alternatives.

With them, you will have a touch of modernity and charm. There are many models available, and to make the right choice you must take into account the style and tone that will be given to the decoration, and whether you will want a suspended, floor or table lamp.

It is worth embedding them in a subtle and uncluttered way. Also consider colors, design, materials and finishes.

Men’s bedroom furniture

The furniture should be sober with a more minimalist or metallic finish. Joinery with white, black, gray and brown coating are the ones that combine with all the colors of the objects that will compose the space. The ideal is to balance with frames on the headboard, printed pillows on the bed and themed objects of personal taste.

Some bed models, such as the suspended bed, can also guarantee a lot of modernity in the decoration of a single male room, as you can see in the models below.

Teenage boy’s room decor

To make it easier when creating a male bedroom decoration for teenagers, it is necessary to define a style to follow, thus, it will be possible to insert objects and elements that he will identify and be more comfortable with.

If he is passionate about the geek world, invest in items that have a relationship with series, superheroes, comics and games.

If he enjoys sports, choose his favorite and go looking for related elements. If it is football, the shades of green may be present, along with balls, team shirts, pictures of throws and so on. But if his beach is surfing, invest in images of the sea and miniature boards.

Finally, game fans will love a fun space that has a specific space to practice in privacy and whenever they feel like it.

Children’s room decor

The children’s male room can be fun and stylish. The colors must be cheerful because colored tones are able to stimulate the brain and still make the environment cozier.

Children’s rooms need some safety precautions, so avoid installing outlets in places that your child can reach, so you protect them from an accident. But if that is not possible, use protectors in the outlets, they can even match the decor. Invest in colorful and fun models.

And you know those big toys that you have nowhere to put? They can become decorative items. Even the ceiling can be used to glue drawings, stars and stickers that shine to help the child with the dark. That way, you stimulate her creativity and leave the room with a special charm.

Finally, leave a space for her to play at will, then leave the center of the room free and unfurnished. To make this corner more beautiful and protected, put a rubberized floor or rugs with antiallergic fabric. They can be colored to make the decoration more fun and will still cushion the falls of the little one.

50 photos of men’s bedroom decor that are cozy and charming

You have already seen what are the essential items for an incredible decoration, in addition to the variations for a teenager, young and children’s room. It’s time to check out photos and inspirations that will delight you and help you define the decorative tone of your room. Come with us and check out our selection:

1 – For a football fan, a men’s room with this theme is indispensable!

Men's Soccer Room

2 – But if the favorite sport is surfing, then a men’s room with this theme is a good option

Surfer Room

3 – Now, if your preference is vehicles, in particular motorcycles, then check out this room model below

Men's room for motorcycle fans

4 – And if you want to bet on a simpler decoration, where you display your “hunting trophies” on the wall, then this room below is ideal

5 – Betting on the preferred color when setting up the decor of the men’s room is also a great option!

Red male bedroom

6 – How about mixing your favorite color with a more modern men’s room decor?

7 – Betting in neutral tones can also be a great option, besides of course combining it with decorative objects

8 – And speaking of betting on the tones, this black wall with this “minimalist” white board form an excellent combination in this men’s room decoration!

9 – How about a men’s room with luxury decor? Check carefully all the elements of this model below

10 – This model below bets a lot on natural lighting, even letting your bookcase take a little sun

11 – Without much space? Then bet on a simple male bedroom decor, like the one below!

12 – How about using retro furniture to compose the environment?

13 – In the decoration of this men’s room below, the head of the bed never seems to end!

14 – When decorating a children’s room for boys, mixing cheerful colors with a corner for studies is always a good idea!

15 – Below we have another decoration model for a simple male bedroom

16 – Is the little one a fan of super heroes? This is a great decorating idea for a children’s room

17 – Do you want a decoration that combines the modern with the retro? Then check out this room below!

18 – Another simple male bedroom model for those who have little space available

19 – Here’s another decoration for a men’s room for those who are a fan of pop culture

20 – This decoration below is for when the passion for heroes transcends childhood!

21 – The decoration of the men’s room below is for those who can see order in the face of chaos

22 – This is already a decoration for a male gamer room, for every game fan!

23 – Already in this male room below all the decoration is in harmony, from the colors of the wall, the objects and even the model of the bed

24 – Star Wars paintings are a good decoration option for a men’s room

25 – The decoration of this men’s room resides in the elements present, from the pillows to the decorative frame

26 – And for a true Batman fan, how about turning your room into the real Bat-Cave?

27 – And if the idea is to make a very nice decoration for the child’s room, then check out the one below

28 – Using all the toys as a decoration for the children’s bedroom can be a great idea

29 – The decoration of this masculine room below brings a lot of American elements

30 – And if you prefer a decoration that refers more to nature, then check out this men’s room below

31 – The decoration of the men’s room below is quite simple, and at the same time quite incredible

32 – How about a brick wall to compose all the decoration in the room?

33 – An all white men’s room, with more discreet decorative elements for those who prefer a more discreet decor

34 – And if you prefer a more rustic decor, then just check out this room below

35 – This young men’s room decoration below is certainly quite impressive

36 – An all white room, with mirrors in the background to give an impression of size

37 – Another simple and imposing men’s room decoration at the same time

38 – You can combine a small men’s room decoration with road lovers!

39 – Sometimes a simple decoration, like a lamp, a table and a wardrobe are all you need

40 – This model below has shelves to store your collection and a little place for studies

41 – Another decorating idea for a men’s room for those who don’t have that much space available

42 – Look carefully at the decor of this men’s room, notice how the design of the wardrobes gives the impression that the room is circular

43 – If you have a lot of pictures for a small wall, just put them all in the same place!

44 – Small but well-optimized space, all for an incredible male bedroom decor

45 – Another incredible decoration idea for your room

46 – And for those who like music, there’s nothing like using it as a decoration for the masculine bedroom

47 – Taking advantage of the space to install bookcases on the walls is a great way to be able to store all your books

48 – And if you enjoy water sports, what other place (other than water) to use as a decoration than in your men’s room?

49 – Everything is a matter of space and imagination, the more space you have, the better your options for decorating the men’s room!

The decor of a men’s room tends to be more sober and modern, but there is no rule that determines this style as a standard. The main point here is to leave your room with its characteristics and personality. Don’t be afraid to invest in decorative items that convey who you are. The important thing is to compose a cozy environment that transmits tranquility to experience the day-to-day.

Now that you have seen all these tips and inspirations, it is much easier to create a decoration that is your own. Throw yourself and don’t be afraid to dare.