Room Decoration: Couple, Female, Male And More!

The bedroom is one of the most personal environments that exists, after all, it is there where you will keep your belongings, and also where you will also express yourself, especially through decoration. The colors, objects, lighting, each of the aspects that make up the space say a lot about your personality. In addition, decorating the room is a way to make the space more comfortable and enjoyable.

Thinking about all these aspects, care is needed when decorating the room. That’s because, the furniture, objects and colors need to be harmonized. When this is not done, the mixture of many shades and dimensions can make the space chaotic, which completely eliminates all the cozy aspects of the place.

Thus, regardless of the size of the room, or your style of decoration, it is interesting to pay special attention to the walls. If you already have furniture in the environment, then be careful to combine them. If not, be careful to decorate the dividers so that the future objects you want to place in your room can match them. As it makes up most of the space, the walls must be the protagonists, either with the use of painting, either with textures or wallpapers.

At the same time, it is interesting to use curtains and rugs in the room. Again, taking care to combine them with the rest of the space. The fabrics manage to make the room more cozy, in addition to greatly benefiting its acoustics. In the case of curtains, it is interesting to have a light fabric, which lets in light, overlaid by another “heavier” one, which blocks the lighting when necessary.

In this article we will give you tips on how to decorate rooms large and small, for children, adults or young people. Follow us!

Small bedroom decoration

1. Use light tones

The first tip when decorating a small space is to use colors and objects that make it bigger. This means investing in clear tones, as they give the feeling of tranquility. Meanwhile, dark colors “close” the environment, making it even smaller.

Light tones for bedroom decoration

It does not mean, however, that the room must have only one color. Especially on the walls, it is interesting to invest in at least two shades. If you are a fan of stripes, you can use horizontal lines, which will guarantee the feeling of horizontal amplitude of the space. In addition, choosing more than one shade avoids the monotony of the room.

Light tones for bedroom decoration

2. Choose multifunctional furniture

Something fundamental in a small space is to avoid placing too many objects in the way. This can be done, then, through the use of planned furniture, or even with multifunctional ones. A bed with drawers, for example, is a multifunctional piece of furniture. It can replace an ordinary bed and a dresser that, separately, would “clutter up” the space more than necessary.

bed with drawers

Bunk beds, trichomes, a work table with shelves and a suspended bed also fit this idea of ​​multifunctionality. That is, as long as they have more than one objective in the room, the furniture will be able to optimize the environment.

beds that optimize the space of the bedroom

The planned furniture is advantageous because it allows the use of every corner of the room. In addition, they are adapted according to what the individual needs, which allows you to enjoy each compartment more fully.

Planned Furniture

3. Enjoy the walls

If the space available is small, nothing better than using the walls, in addition to the floor, to help decorate the room. You can, for example, install shelves and niches around the environment. This will generate more places available for positioning objects, in addition to ensuring a more interesting organization.

Shelves for room decoration

It is also possible to invest in the installation of luminaires directly on the wall. This eliminates the need for a nightstand next to the bed, leaving space available. The same for television: why put it on a piece of furniture, if installing it on the wall will save space?

Wall-mounted television

4. Abuse of mirrors

When the goal is to make the room look bigger, the solution is mirrors. By reflecting points in the environment, mirrors are able to create a sense of spaciousness and continuity. However, it is important not to overdo it.

If there are many mirrors scattered, “closing” the room, the feeling of smallness will be greater than that of spaciousness. Therefore, it is interesting to insert the pieces in, at most, two walls. Placing them on cupboard or dresser doors is also interesting. Just like at the head of the bed.

Using mirrors in the bedroom

Female bedroom decoration

5. Invest in delicacy

It is clear that the woman may prefer strong tones and more “rustic” objects. However, investing in light tones and delicate items is a more “basic” alternative and easy to please. These characteristics, in fact, are capable of making the environment cozy, giving it also a romantic air.

Female bedroom decoration

Female bedroom decoration

Female bedroom decoration

How to choose the decoration for a teenage girl’s room?

6. Define a style

More than for an adult woman, defining the style for a teenager’s bedroom is essential. This is because, at this stage of life, the individual’s personality and personal tastes are very much in vogue. Allowing the young woman to express what she thinks through the decoration of the room is a means of facilitating her “discovery of the world”.

In this case, the room of a young woman who has a more romantic style should bet a lot on light tones. Pastel colors are the most interesting, especially if they stay between pink and lilac. To reinforce the romanticism, it is interesting to have furniture in the Provencal style, in addition to floral items, such as bedding or wallpaper.

Romantic-style bedroom decor

Romantic-style bedroom decor

For a teenager with a more stripped and fun style, investing in the modern style is the best option. Colorful furniture, wall stickers, posters, paintings of varying sizes…. Creativity is the main point of this type of decoration.

Contemporary Style Bedroom Decor

Contemporary Style Bedroom Decor

Girls with a “nerd” style may prefer to insert geek culture items in their room. This includes, for example, pieces that refer to comics, superheroes and games.

Always try to highlight the “girl power” style, with objects that refer to female protagonists as well. In games, for example, there is Lara Croft, while Wonder Woman is a great hero.

Wonder Woman Room

Finally, you can invest in an urban style. Here, it is important to value sober colors, such as gray and purple, and elements that resemble large metropolises.

Urban style bedroom decor

Urban style bedroom decor

7. Create a space for studies

In a teenager’s room, it is also interesting to set aside a space for dedication to studies. To do this, simply position a desk or table in one corner of the room. In case the space available is limited, invest again in multifunctional or planned furniture.

Corner for studies

Corner in the room for studies

And what about the decor of a men’s room?

Generally, men’s rooms stand out for their sobriety. So it is easy to find gray, blue and black walls. However, it is possible to invest in more cheerful and colorful tones, or even simpler ones, such as green, beige, orange and others.

For these spaces, however, it is interesting to maintain a limited palette of colors. Unlike female rooms, it is more common that male spaces do not have “points of color”. Instead, they remain “closed” to four or five tones, so that the more sober aspect is not lost. That’s even if “cheerful” tones are used.

Again, however, it is important to note that these are the most common methods. It does not mean, however, that the decoration of the space should be limited to the standard. Creativity can create a place as cozy as desired.

Male bedroom decoration

Male bedroom decoration

Teenage boy’s bedroom decor

As in the case of teenage girls, it is always advantageous to define a style for decorating a teenage boy’s room. That way, he will have items around him that he identifies with, feeling more comfortable in space.

In the case of a nerdy teenager, again it is interesting to invest in items related to comics, superheroes and games.

Superhero decoration for a room

Star Wars Bedroom Decor

In the case of passion for sports, define the boy’s favorite sport and collect items that refer to him. Images that refer to the sea and surfboards, for example, can be ideal for surfing aficionados. Meanwhile, a roof that mimics a football field can be incredible for fans of national passion.

Surf decoration for bedroom

Room for football lovers

8. Define a space for fun and another for studies

If the teenager is a fan of games, it can be a great alternative to decorate a space for fun. This can be done through the positioning of some ottomans close to the television, and a specific piece of furniture to accommodate the games.

Male bedroom decor

Children’s room decoration

9. Invest in cheerful tones

If your goal is to decorate a child’s room, abuse the colors. Cheerful tones stimulate the brain, and make the environment much more attractive to the little one.

Children's room decoration

Children's room decoration

10. “Hide” the sockets

Whenever possible, it is interesting to avoid installing low sockets. After all, the child may end up having an accident. In any case, however, they can become decorative objects, colored, as long as they also have a security plate, to avoid the baby’s contact with electricity.

Children's outlet protector

11. Use large toys

Instead of being kept, the children’s toys, how about making them a part of the decoration of the room? However, it is important that they are large, and that they do not have loose parts. This care will prevent the little one from swallowing parts, which is quite dangerous.

Using toys to decorate the room

12. Don’t block circulation

It is always important to avoid placing furniture and objects “in the middle of the road”. Especially in the small children’s room, parents should have easy access to the crib.

Children's room decoration

13. Invest in a rubberized floor

For many people, there is no decoration without a rug. However, a garment with hair can cause allergies to the child, and make it difficult to breathe, in addition to making it difficult to move. Therefore, it is more interesting to invest in rubberized parts. In addition to being colorful, they cushion falls and small movements.

Rubberized floor for children's room

14. “Play” with the ceiling

Decorating the ceiling with pendants, designs and even stars is a great alternative. More than making the bedroom more beautiful, this type of resource can stimulate the child’s creativity, even when he is lying down to rest.

Room ceiling decoration

Small double bedroom decor

15. Photos and souvenirs are a great option!

For a double room, it is interesting to invest in memories. In other words, positioning photos and objects that refer to the story of the couple or each individual. Separate images in frames give a special charm to the space. Picture frames can be placed in niches and shelves.

Decorating the room with pictures on the wall

Double bedroom decoration

16. Decorative paintings are a trend

If there is one thing that stands out in a double room, it is a decorative painting. It can have “generic” images, be personalized, or even help to intensify the style of the decoration. Phrases and quotes liked by the couple are equally attractive, and can make the space even more customized.

Have you thought about framing the first sentence exchanged between both?

Luxury decoration for double bedroom

17. Invest in bedding

There is no doubt that the bed is the main piece of the room. Even when colors or furniture stand out, it is the one that draws the most attention. After all, individuals spend a third of their lives on it . Thus, it is essential to invest in attractive bedding that, especially, matches the rest of the decor.

Matching bedding

In a small double room, the same tips as the beginning of this text are also valid: use planned and multifunctional furniture; use the walls to install objects; use light colors; and invest in mirrors.

Planned furniture for double bedroom

Mirrors for double bedroom

Double bedroom decoration

18. Purchase large furniture

If there is space “left over” in the double room, a great way out is to invest in large furniture. Bedside tables, wardrobes, bed…. Usually, objects are divided between the couple, and it is essential to ensure that both individuals have enough space for their belongings.

Large furniture for double bedroom

19. Abuse of “compartmentalized” lighting

In the bedroom, it is not uncommon for one individual to want to sleep, while the other prefers to read. So, to avoid disagreements, it is essential that both sides of the bed have independent lighting. This can be done mainly through lamps, and will guarantee a certain independence for each individual.

Double room with individual lighting

20. “Spread” plants around the room

If you want to bring life to your room, you can invest in some potted plants. Small and delicate vegetables (such as succulents), flowers or even small trees can create the feeling of greater welcome and delicacy in the environment.

Regardless of the type of plant chosen, however, it is important that it is well positioned. A vase should never occupy an exaggerated space, nor should it hinder the path. Instead, it needs to integrate into the environment and bring about the desired sense of well-being.

Plants as decoration for the bedroom

Potted plants to decorate the room

Well-positioned plant pots

Following all these guidelines, it will be easy, easy to decorate your dream room!

So, do you have any tips to add? Share it with us in the comments!