Pendant for Bedroom – Models, Ideas and Photos!

Various models of pendant in the room

When we think about lighting an environment, we can hardly think outside the box and realize that the lighting, in addition to being functional, can be great for decorating the space. There are several models of pendant in which it is precisely that accessory that was missing in your space. Therefore, getting to know the pendant models and assessing how they can fit into your decor is a great way to think differently and decorate.

In addition, in the case of a room, the attention with the choice of the pendant needs to be much greater. This is because, it is common to be in doubt about the choice of a model, since we need to find a pendant that makes the space comfortable, combines with the decoration and also brings good lighting.

So, so that you don’t have any kind of difficulty in this process, we have separated in this article different pendant models for you to be inspired! Let’s check it out?

Pendant for a room on the nightstand

To begin with, the first pendant model that we separate is the one on top of the nightstand. This type of model usually works best for those who need good lighting near the bed, whether to be able to read a book or else to perform some type of activity.

If the room is a double, or you have a double bed, the ideal is to place a pendant on each side. In this case it is important that it is very large and that it does not have so many details in the lamp fitting.

In addition, the pendant in the shape of a witch’s hat can work very well in this situation, since the hat will “cover” a little of the light, and not all that clarity will be close to you. But another good alternative is to install a light controller on the pendant.

Check out some models of pendants that you can use on top of your nightstand:

1 – Look for pendants that match well with the colors of the room

Pendant over the nightstand

2 – This model below, despite being directed to the nightstand, can still be annoying by the scattered lighting, a good point to keep an eye on

Pendant over the nightstand

3 – And returning to the circular pendant, a good quality of it is the direction of light, which will not bother you

Pendant over the nightstand

4 – Although this model is beautiful, the light is again quite scattered here

Pendant over the nightstand

5 – This is already a very simple model (but at the same time also quite beautiful), where the light is directed to the nightstand

Pendant over the nightstand

Ball-shaped pendants

It is very common to find pendants in the shape of a hat, but in addition to this shape there is also a ball shape that brings a real differential to the environment. This type of pendant looks great next to the bed, especially with more than one in different sizes.

Then, you can create this type of composition on the side of your bed, or if you prefer, in some corner of the room that you can make this composition.

In addition to organizing the pendants in different sizes, another idea is to place them at different heights. Put a distance of approximately 15 cm in height between each other, this also creates a beautiful look in the room, complements the decor and brings good lighting.

Check out some models of round pendants to help you get inspired.

1 – You can use a round pendant together with one of another shape in your room, this union complements the environment very well

Round pendants

2 – Okay, these pendants below are not in the room, but nothing prevents you from taking their central idea and taking them to your room!

3 – This model is very cool, although it is theoretically simple, it is also very beautiful!

Lamp with circular surroundings

Modern design in the pending

If you like contemporary decor, then choosing elements that follow this style of decor is essential. For this, pendants with modern designers are a great alternative, there are different beautiful models that you can bet without fear in your decoration.

In addition, the choice of the color of the pendant also influences the style of the decoration. A white pendant, for example, combines perfectly with modern decor. This is because in the contemporary style the use of black, white and gray is also part, for this reason it is so important to pay attention to colors.

Check out some models of modern pendants that you can use in your decoration.

1 – If you are looking for a modern pendant to hang in your room, you will hardly find a model as good as the one below!

Modern pendant

2 – This model is also excellent, but more ideal for an environment with a high ceiling since you will not want to keep hitting your head on it, right?

Modern pendants

3 – This pendant looks like an explosion, absolutely beautiful to see

Modern pendant

4 – And why use a lamp only when you can have several?

Different pendant models in the room

Most of the time, when we think of a pendant, it is common to associate only with a single model. But if you like to innovate in the decoration, using more than one pendant design in the same space brings a real difference.

When choosing which models you are going to insert, a suggestion is that you choose different designs, but that you have something in common. Be it the type of texture, style or colors. This makes the pendants, even though distinct, talking to each other.

Check below how using more than one pendant model in your room can be a good idea.

1 – Notice how more than one pendant model is used in this room, and how well it fits

Various models of pendant in the room

2 – In this case, the pendants differ only in the format of their “surroundings”

Various models of pendant in the room

3 – A different pendant for each side of the bed, for both tastes of the couple

Room with more than one pendant model

Two-color pendant

The use of a two-color pendant in space is another alternative that you can choose to be able to innovate. The two colors also bring a difference and make the decoration of the room even more interesting. However, when choosing a pendant for the room it is essential that you check the rest of the colors that are in the room as well.

For example, if your room is green, you need to find a room pendant that has pink, green, gray or black. After all, you may even believe it is a small detail, but choosing a pendant that follows the same style of decoration makes a total difference.

Check out how investing in the colors of the pendant can be a great decoration for your room.

1 – This purple pendant blends well with the rest of the room

Two-color pendant

2 – Here you can get a better sense of all the colors that exist for the pendants, so you can get the one that best matches what you have in mind!

Two-color pendant

3 – Notice the elements of this pendant, its “line” has one color (red), while its “body” has another color (gray), and both complement the room’s decoration very well

Pendant model for luxury bedroom

If you like a more refined and luxurious decoration, the luxury bedroom pendant is another alternative that also works well. To bet on this model, it is important that you choose a dependent style that has elements that bring this feeling, such as crystal, glass or even colors in golden tone.

All these elements that we mentioned refer to luxury, so it is important that the design of the pendant has at least one of them. In addition, the ideal is that you choose a pendant for a room that is also large, after all, big things also refer to luxury.

Check out some models of luxurious pendants to make your room even more beautiful!

1 – When the word “luxury” comes to mind, we immediately remember those wonderful crystal chandeliers, don’t we? Using them as a pendant for the bedroom can be an excellent idea here!

Luxury pendant

2 – Using a candlestick on the ceiling, surrounded by a dome, is also an excellent way to bring luxury to the environment

luxurious pendant

Different shape pendant

It is amazing how common it is to associate with a single style when thinking about an object, and in the case of the pendant this is no different. But in addition to the totally straight pendant style that we know, there is also another differentiated option, in which the length of the pendant slopes in different directions.

This style of pendant works well in rooms that follow an industrial and contemporary decor. In addition, this style is an alternative that you can also do at home. So, if your room follows this style, you can bet on this model without fear.

Check out two models of pendants totally different from what you are used to seeing.

1 – This model looks like it will make curves to the best position

Differentiated pendants

2 – And you will hardly find a pendant more creative than this model below!

Creative pending

Sconce style pendant model

Finally, the last type of pendant for a room that we separate is the sconce style. This pendant model looks beautiful in an industrial style room, as it follows the same style, especially if you put a yellow light on it.

In this case, you fix the pendant on the wall and let your wire hang down. This alternative is being used a lot by people and looks beautiful in the decoration. Ideally, you should fix the sconce-style pendant next to the bed to serve as a lamp.

Check out two models of pendant sconce style.

1 – This pendant is firmly attached to the wall, matching the room’s decor

Pendant wall light

2 – This is the “rough” pendant sconce model, where the usage options are basically endless, being limited only by your own imagination!

Pendant wall light

Tips on choosing the ideal pendant for your room

The ideal pendant for the bedroom

Being able to choose an ideal pendant can be a complicated task, after all, you need to take several issues into consideration in order not to make mistakes. But if you are unsure of which pendant to choose, we have separated some tips that will help you in the process. Let’s check it out?

1 – Check the decorating style of your room

To start, the first tip on how to choose the ideal pendant is to evaluate the decorating style of your room. As we have been quoting above, there are numerous models of pendants, and each of them follows a style of decoration.

Depending on the decorating style of your room, the pendant model you choose needs to be fully aligned. So, for example, if you have a contemporary room, you need to opt for a pendant that has a more contemporary design.

This will ensure that all elements are combined and following the same pattern.

2 – Evaluate the models

The next tip for you to choose an ideal pendant is to evaluate the available models. Currently, there are numerous models of pendants, so it is important that you know at least the main ones.

In the examples that we separated above, for example, we were unable to show you even half the number of models that exist, but you can take the options we mentioned into consideration when choosing yours, as well as extend your search to more models.

Doing this model search is essential for you to avoid buying the first alternative you have seen and to have more variety in your choice.

3 – Take into consideration where the pendant will be

Another step that is also essential to take into consideration when choosing, is the place where the pendant will stay. Although many people leave the pendants in the center of the room, they can also be on the headboards or in another corner that you find interesting.

In this way, there are pendants that work very well in the center, while others fit better on the headboard. That is, before you buy, do not forget to think well where the pendant will be to buy the ideal alternative according to your need.

4 – Don’t forget the height

Finally, the last tip for you to choose the ideal pendant for your room is not to forget its height. There are slopes that have a large height while others are smaller. All of these factors must be taken into account, because it also depends on the height of your room, the height of the residents and where it will be positioned.

Ideally, you should take a tape measure and assess how many meters your room is. This will help you to get an idea of ​​where the pendant will be after it is installed.

In addition, if it is on the wall as in the example of the sconce pendant, it is necessary to measure the distance between the socket and the place where it will be installed.

So, which of the pendant models above did you like the most and already plan to use in your room? Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!