Pallet Table: Price, How to do it?

The use of the pallet in decoration is something that has become more and more prominent in homes. After all, today you can make an incredible decoration using these pieces. In addition, the pallet is a type of material that you can make almost any type of furniture. And one of the possible options to highlight in this article, is the pallet table!

A pallet table is an excellent option for people who want to make a more stripped or rustic decoration and still save money! This is because in addition to having the option to buy a pallet for a cheap price, you can find it for free! That way, you have the option of making an incredible decoration using the pallet.

Another very interesting thing about this type of decoration is that manual work brings countless advantages when you bet on it. So in addition to having an incredible piece in your decor, you will stimulate your creativity, remain calm and patient. Therefore, making this decoration in your home has several very cool benefits to make it even more interesting.

Therefore, in this article I separated a complete guide with step by step for you to make a pallet table. In addition, I also left some incredible models for you to be inspired and make the one that best suits you. Check out!

Pallet Table Price: How much does it cost?

The first advantage of betting on a pallet table is its price! After all, today you can make a pallet table for a very interesting value. In addition, the good thing about being able to build a pallet table for a low price is the fact that you have the possibility to dare in other elements in your decoration. After all, with the price left with this economy on the table, you can dare elsewhere.

So that you can have an idea, today you can find a pallet for around R $ 20 to R $ 40. In addition, you will need some very inexpensive items to make the pallet more pleasant. Such as spray paint, for approximately R $ 15.00, sandpaper R $ 1.00 and varnish, for R $ 20.00. So, on average you will spend R $ 60 reais to make a pallet table.

However, this price can vary a lot according to what you want, and it can go down absurdly or increase. This is because if you want, you can put a glass on the table, making it more expensive. Or if you prefer, you can get a pallet for free, saving a lot. Therefore, I suggest that you already look for a model that interests you to make an estimate of how much you will spend on the table.

How to make a pallet table! Step by step!

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Making a pallet table is very simple and you don’t need to have a talent for crafts to do it! Since anyone can do it by following only step by step. However, as mentioned above, today there are several models of pallet table. So it is important that you choose a model to learn how to make it. But in this article I separated the step-by-step from the more traditional model for you to learn. So, here’s how to do it below:


  • Three pallets;
  • Glass;
  • Varnish;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Silicone glue;
  • Hammer;
  • Saw or handsaw.

1st Step: Cutting the pallets

The first step to start making your pallet table is to cut the pallets. For this you will need to cut only one pallet to make the table foot. Then you will need to cut a pallet into four parts, so that one is positioned at each end.

In this step, you can choose to use a saw or handsaw. The important thing is that you break the pallet in the same size, and being careful not to cut it crooked.

2nd Step: Sand the pallet

The next step you will need is to sand the pallet. In this part it is important that you sand all the pallets, including the one you cut. So you will finish it and consequently make the table much more beautiful.

3rd Step: Join the pallets

The next step will be to gather the pallets, and at that time you will need to be very careful to put your feet together. Because it is important that they stay very firm, to ensure that the table will not dismantle.

For the fixation of the feet, I suggest that before you nail it you choose a wooden glue. Then start by gluing with the glue and then reinforce with the nail. This will help to keep you firmer and thus have greater resistance.

4th Step: Apply the varnish

Once you have already set up your table, you will need to apply the varnish. This is very important because we are using natural wood. Then the varnish will shine and leave it with a beautiful finish. So be sure to apply it across the table.

5th Step: Fixing the glass

Finally, the last step for this table is to fix the glass. In that case you will need the silicone glue that you will apply to some parts of the table after the varnish is dry. Then try to apply the silicone and then press the glass. Once you press the table it will be ready.

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Kitchen pallet table

To start, the first pallet table model that I separated is the kitchen version. This option needs to be extensive so that you can have space for all members of the house and visitors. Therefore, depending on the number of people, it is necessary to use two pallets on the top.

In this table model you can choose to use the pallet in its natural color or paint it in the complementary color of your decoration. Regardless of which alternative you choose, it is essential that you sand it, apply varnish and apply glass on top. As we are referring to a table for the eating area, it is important to keep the glass to avoid direct contact with the wood and bring more sophistication.

Pallet table template with chalkboard

The next model of pallet table that I separated is the table with slate. This alternative is great for the office too, since you can use the whiteboard to study and write down your ideas.

To make this table, you will assemble its structure in the same way as traditional models and then add a slate to the table. That way, you can put whatever you want on top of it, and at the same time take notes.

Black pallet table

The black pallet table is another ideal model for contemporary decorations, after all, in this style of decoration, the presence of black is quite common.

In this case, it is important that you sand the pallet well and then apply the black paint, which can be sparkling or matte. Depending on the brand you use, it will be necessary to apply more than one hand of paint to make it even more beautiful. Then the varnish needs to be ironed to prevent the paint from coming out and bringing a better finish.

For those with small space, you can place this table next to the wall, using only one side of the structure. That is, you will fix one side of the pallet on the wall and the other will be the foot of the pallet. This model also looks beautiful mainly in that color tone.

Colorful pallet table template

For those who want to put a little more color at home you can bet on the colorful pallet table too. In the case of this model, you can paint it with the color you like best and that matches the colors present in your decoration.

If you have any doubts when choosing a color, just check the color circle to find out what is the complementary color of your decoration. For example, in the case of green, its complementary color is pink, since it is opposite green in the circle. Therefore, this is something very simple for you to consult and guarantee an incredible decoration in your environment.

In addition, it is very important to highlight that if you choose the colored table you need to pay attention to the rest of the elements present in your decoration and in their respective colors.

This is necessary, since the colors can end up making the space very heavy. Therefore, it is essential that you are careful not to overdo it.

Trestle-based pallet table style

Finally, the last model of pallet table that I separated for you to know is the one with easel. Trestle tables have gained a lot of prominence in the offices, since they tend to be cheaper and look beautiful in the decoration.

If you choose this table model, you will use the pallet top and buy the easel separately. On average you can find easels for R $ 150, which ends up being a fair price and not getting so expensive since the pallet top you buy for a much lower price, or get it for free.

However, it is legal to reinforce the pallet with wood glue or other materials so that the pallet does not fall. For this you can ask for assistance in deposits or even in decorative houses.

Balcony with pallet table

The pallet table is something that you can put in almost any room in the house, including the balcony. The idea of ​​the pallet table on the balcony is that you create a very cozy living space to receive your friends. Besides, because the pallet is made of wood, it matches perfectly with this space, as it brings nature to it.

If you choose to place the pallet table on your balcony, it is very important that you avoid placing it in an open area. This is because unfortunately, wood is not a recommended material for contact with water. Therefore, avoid exposing it.

Dining room with pallet table

The dining room is another environment that you can also bet on the pallet table – including the step by step that I mentioned above is ideal for this room. However, the pallet table in the dining room is important that you know how to choose an ideal size for your home. This is because if you have a house with many people, it will be necessary to use more than one pallet on the top. This way you will ensure that it fits everyone in the house.
As for dining room chairs, you have the option of both buying chairs and making them out of pallets as well. But a suggestion is that you place several models of chairs in a single environment. So that you can create a very beautiful design in this space with this variation of models.

Office pallet table

Image result for pallet table for office

The next space for you to bet on a pallet table is for the office. In that case, you will have to do it in another way, and even less. This way, the pallet table will come out at an even cheaper price than the usual one. Since not so many pallets are needed to make it.

An alternative is to make only the top of the pallet table and bet on the easels. Easel tables are a trend this year and look beautiful together with the pallet. So this is an option that you can bet on as well.

Pallet table with glass

Image result for pallet table for office

The glass pallet table is an alternative for those who do not want a very rustic table. Since you can place the glass on top, giving a finish and making it easier for you to use as a table.

In addition, if you want to use the pallet, but want to leave a rustic decor entirely , you can choose to paint it too. So instead of using the natural color of the pallet, you can paint by some color complementary to your environment. So using the table as a decorative item as well.

Pallet coffee table

Living room with pallet table in the center

The pallet table in the center of the living room is undoubtedly the most common model. And the most interesting thing about this model is that it is very simple to do. Since all you need is the pallet and the foot of the table. But of course, if you want to add more things, like glass, it’s up to you.

At the coffee table in the living room it is interesting to make a very beautiful decoration to make it look cool. Then you can choose to place any books, candles, control stand or other objects you want. This will complement the table and make your room more pleasant.

Party pallet table option

Image result for pallet table option for party

Finally, the last table option is for parties. After all, it is necessary to have a main table to place cake and sweets. And the pallet is an excellent option for that.

In this case, you can choose to make a well-fulfilled table so that you can place all the necessary items. The glass can be used or not, but my suggestion is that you place only a cloth on the table to place meals.