Modern Sofas: Sophisticated, Luxurious, Living Room! +155 Photos and Ideas!

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, after all, it is just that we receive friends so it needs to be incredible! However, when it comes to choosing sofas to put in the living room, many people often have doubts about which one to choose. After all, whether or not it is a piece of furniture that captures a lot of attention, then the choice can become a challenge.

In addition, the sofa also needs to match the decor of your home and fit perfectly with your room. So, in addition to having to choose a beautiful sofa, you still have the challenge of having to complete your decor.

So, if you are in doubt about which sofa to choose, calm down because I brought you a guide! This time I will show you which sofa models are available, the trends and of course, a guide for you to choose the ideal sofa for your home. In addition, at the end of this article I will leave several very cool images of modern and luxurious sofas for you to be inspired. Check out!

Sofa models

Well, to start I separated several models of sofa for you to know. Thus, you can start by choosing which model has to do with your home and that also looks beautiful in your environment. So, see what sofa models are available!


The first model is the traditional one. This is the simplest one that has no curvature. So this model is all straight and you can find it from two to three places. However, although this model is simpler and more traditional, it can leave your decor luxurious.

For that, you just need to know how to choose the ideal sofa and learn how to use it in your home decor. Therefore, the traditional model can be a great option for smaller houses and still make it look beautiful and luxurious.

Sofa with chaise

Do you know those sofas that have a slightly larger seat than the others? This is the chaise sofa model. In other words, you can either pull a part of the sofa making it longer, or it comes with a small puf the part in which you can join with the sofa.

This model is a very interesting and comfortable option, as it tends to be more spacious. In addition, this sofa is also very useful for visitors, because you can use the pouf to join with the sofa and thus become a bed.

So, if you are looking for a model that is both beautiful and practical, the sofa with chaise is a great option!

Sofa bed

And speaking of sofa beds, we also find models for that. The sofa bed allows you to pull and so it becomes a bed.

This option is very interesting both for visitors to sleep and for leisure. Because, when you go to watch a movie with your family, for example, you can make this sofa a bed and consequently become more comfortable.

Therefore, if you are looking for a large and comfortable sofa, the sofa bed is a great option. In addition, it is worth mentioning that this model combines more with larger houses, because if you have a small house, it may not be as nice depending on the space you have available.

Retractable sofa

The next model of sofa is the retractable. The interesting thing about this model is that it manages to fool people perfectly. Because although it looks smaller, in fact it is much more spacious than people expect. So he is therefore quite comfortable.

Therefore, if you are looking for a more spacious sofa, the retractable can be a good option for your home. Or if you usually get a lot of friends at home, this option also fits like a glove!

Corner sofa

And finally, we cannot forget the corner sofa or also known as the L-shaped sofa. This is that model that has a curvature, since it fits perfectly in the boundary between one wall and another.

This model is also recommended for those looking for something more spacious. Because it is quite large so consequently it fits more people.

In addition, the interesting thing about this sofa is that it can fit in both small and large houses. This is because although it has these two parts, it can be found in larger and smaller sizes.

So for example, if you have a big house, you can look for a very spacious and large corner sofa. But if you have a small house, you can place it precisely because it has this connection with the two parties. Therefore, he consequently has many spaces, but does not occupy as much place in his home.

Therefore, this model is very interesting since it has several uses besides being beautiful in the decoration of any home!


Now that you have seen the main models of sofas, it’s time to know what the trends are! After all, the focus in this article is to help you choose a modern sofa, so we need to focus on trends as well.

So, see what I separated!

Sofas colors

Well, the first thing we need to highlight are the colors that are trending in 2018. However, the first choice of colors that cannot be missing are the more earthy tones. That is, those brown ones that never go out of style!

So if you’re wondering if this color is still on the rise, you can bet it is! But remember that as this earthy tone is darker, be careful when combining it with the other furniture and walls in your home. For, you must mix the colors so that something is not too heavy in the environment.

In addition to the brown tones, we cannot forget to highlight the minimalist fashion! It is something that is conquering more and more space, after all, today people are starting to learn that less is more!

However, the minimalist fashion in the decoration is following the colors black, white and gray. That is, without putting too strong colors in the sofa’s hue. Then, you can try to throw your decor into something more minimalist. After all, despite being basic, the decor looks beautiful!


In the past, sofa models were more basic, with only two or three seats. In this way, people opted for sofas that were smaller, leaving a larger space for circulation.

However, time passed and the designers started to dare in the sofa models. Then, those little sofas started to take more shape and thus created large and spacious models.

So this year, focusing on the bigger models is the right step for a luxurious and modern sofa. So, you can bet on corner sofas and sofas with chaire, which is a trend that promises to stay for years!

So, look for sofas that are bigger, but pay close attention to the size of your home. After all, there is no point in wanting to place a huge sofa in your living room if it doesn’t have that much space available. Soon, what was supposed to be a beautiful room will become something not so comfortable and pleasant. So, always be aware of the space you have.

Decorative objects

Decorative objects is something that comes with everything! Especially when it comes to the sofas. So my suggestion is that you buy a more neutral sofa following this minimalist idea is to place pillows and blankets.

For sure you will have a beautiful and modern room, in which you will be using the minimalist trend in colors, but at the same time daring a little more in the decoration and the size of the sofa.

How to choose a sofa for your home

Well, we’ve already learned what models are available and the trends for you to have a modern sofa, but if you still don’t know which one to choose, I’m here to help you! In this topic I separated the step by step for you to choose the ideal sofa for your home! Look!

Be careful with the choice of material

Well, one of the most important things when choosing a sofa is to be attentive to its material. This is necessary, because it is useless to choose a beautiful sofa, but it does not have a pleasant material.

So, to help you, see what you should pay attention to when choosing the material:

  • Look for a sofa that is comfortable;
  • Look for a sofa that has an easy-to-clean material;
  • And don’t forget to look for materials that have a better quality.

Play in neutral colors

The colors are also something that we cannot leave out. But as I mentioned, the sofa colors that are high are brown tones and B&W. So, my suggestion is that you play in black, white and gray.

Be careful with the size of your room

The next step is the size of the room. It is no use choosing a very large sofa if your room does not have this size available. So, be very attentive with this issue, so that you can choose the ideal and modern sofa for your home.

The decorative objects are also part of

And finally, decorative objects are also part of it! Don’t forget to put enough pillows on your sofa as it makes all the difference. In addition, if you are looking for a modern and cozy sofa, I also suggest that you place sofa blankets, as this makes all the difference!

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To finish, I separated some incredible images of modern sofas. So that you can be inspired to choose the ideal one for your home. Look!

Living room with paintings and rustic decor

Large setting with natural decor and modern sofas

Blue sofas with central table

Soft decor with frames and table

Decorated environment with rustic sofas

Contemporary decor with white sofas

Modern brown sofas and beige decor

Large navy blue sofa

Retro decor with neutral sofa

Round sofa with glass table

Gray sofa with natural decor and central table

White modern decor with black accents

Gentle modern ambience with brown sofas

Luxurious sofas with modern decor and central tables

Diverse modern decor with white sofas

Black sofa with modern decor and glass table

Black sofa with white bookcase and central table

Environment with minimalist decor and black sofas

Beige sofa with bookcase in black and white

Modern, bright atmosphere with soft decor

Soft colored sofa with black bookcase

Modern ambience with soft decor

Black and white sofas in living room with table and central table

Minimalist ambience with black sofas and striped rug

Full and soft decor with beige sofas

Black and white sofas with rug and central table

Modern ambience with bookcase and neutral sofas

Environment with black decor with white sofas

White sofas with red accents in a modern setting

Minimalist decor with red sofas

Large modern sofas with central table

Modern ambience with beige sofas

White sofas with black detailed cushions

White sofa in bright environment with central table

Minimalist decor with large brown sofa and flowery details

Environment with black frames and details

Contemporary sofas and decor with beige accents

Minimalist decor with beige sofas and central table

Simple ambience with white sofa and paintings

Contemporary decor with sofa in black and white details

Light environment with beige sofas and coffee table

Simple sofa with lamp and frames

Beige sofa with orange in large environment

Black sofas in front of the big window

Minimalist decor with light sofas

White sofas with central table

Modern ambience with decorative paintings and dark sofas

Sofas mixed in a light environment

Neutral sofa in living room with frames and bookshelves

Room decorated with paintings and dark sofa

Light sofa with dark walls and decorative frame

Modern room with neutral frames and decorations

Room with paintings and light decor

Gray sofa in neutral environment

Architectural decor with beige and brown sofas

Modern living room with luxurious sofa

Minimalist decor with green sofa and dark walls

Light environment with gray sofa

Modern living room with rustic walls and neutral sofa

White sofa with dark decorated bookcase

Contemporary setting with white sofas

Modern living room with neutral colors

Room with frame and white wall

Environment with sofa and decorative frame