Giant Flowers: 70 Inspirations Plus 5 DIY Tutorials to Make at Home

Flowers enchant and decorate any environment with a lot of charm, but their life is very short and requires great care. Then, a practical and durable alternative emerges, which are giant flowers made with paper. They are wonderful and can be used in interior decoration, birthday parties and even weddings.

If you still don’t know this trend, come with us to check out the tips and inspirations we’ve selected, not to mention the tutorials that will help you make this flower in your home. Check out:

Advantages of giant flowers

Giant flowers have advantages that will convince you to use them in your decoration. Its cost is very low, since production requires the use of paper and glue. They are simple to make and the result is personalized and unique, since one decoration is never the same. It is handmade and customizable, allowing you to print your personal taste. Finally, it guarantees wonderful photos!

Decoration with Giant Flowers

Flowers can be used to decorate events, businesses and homes. We have selected some tips for each of them.

Children’s party

The giant flowers present several possibilities for decorating children’s parties. They can be inserted in theme parties, like Minnie’s, just create black and red flowers to match the character’s colors. At a simple party, use giant flowers to compose the cake table panel. It is still possible to create a corner for the children to take photos and store gifts.

Adult Party

Giant flowers match all ages. They can be used to make panels, decorate numbers, make a photo corner and much more. What will determine if they are suitable for an adult party, are the colors. Create compositions with gold, that enhance sophistication, add foliage, use a pallet panel, use them prominently or as adjuncts. The important thing is to do something that matches the birthday boy!

Birthday party

Giant flowers can be used to decorate birthday parties of all styles. They complement thematic decorations, such as unicorn, tropical, flamingo and much more. They bring a romantic touch to women’s birthdays. They form beautiful scenarios with the cake, add a touch to simple parties. They can be hung on panels, directly on the wall or on fabrics. Let your creativity flow and make a decoration full of charm and style.


The giant flowers started to appear at weddings and give an extra charm in DIY decorations. They can be present at the altar, especially during ceremonies during the day outdoors. They also look great as an arch through which groomsmen and grooms enter the wedding. Create entire panels of giant flowers to make the wedding photos, and have a wonderful result. The important thing is to focus on the color that best suits this type of event. Because it is a romantic party, abuse shades of white, gold, roses, reds and even a gradient of colors from the same palette.

Decorating Your Home

In interior decoration, giant flowers appear as a durable alternative for anyone who is passionate about flowers. They can be used in bedrooms, living rooms and home offices. In the bedrooms, they appear decorating the space of the wall above the bed, while in rooms, they can decorate the wall of the television. In the home office, they ensure a smooth and conducive look for working with more concentration.

5 tutorials on how to make giant flowers

In the best DIY style, we have selected videos that will help you make flowers at home to have a stylish and very cheap decoration. Check out:

1- How to make giant paper flower

Giant paper flowers are excellent for decorating your home, parties and events. With this tutorial, you will learn how to quickly, simply and cheaply make a decoration full of charm.

2- How to make giant crepe flower

Crepe paper is widely used to make crafts and guarantees wonderful flowers. See the technique to use to make flowers with this material in the video above.

3- How to make giant flower out of paper strips

This video will teach you how to make a relaxed and very cheerful decoration. You will use strips of paper, each of a color. The result is very creative and colorful!

4- How to make giant flower out of cardboard

In this video, you will learn how to make flowers with cardstock, the petals do not have a fixed mold, just create free form on an A2 sheet. Start by making the larger ones and work your way down to make the inside of the flower.

5- How to make giant flowers of various sizes

With this video, learn how to make giant paper flowers simply and quickly. The technique for making a flower with a diameter of 55 centimeters is the same for smaller flowers, just decrease this size and remove a layer of petals.

70 photos of giant flowers to inspire you to use in your decor

Now that you have checked the main advantages and characteristics of the flowers and learned how to make them at home, how about checking projects where they were applied with a lot of style and sophistication? Check out the selection we made especially for you:

1- Giant flowers can be used to decorate parties of all ages and styles

2- It is very versatile and allows the combination of several colors, such as this palette in pastel colors

3- Can be nailed directly to the wall or to panels

4- For children’s parties , make colorful and fun combinations

5- Welcome your guests with a panel made with giant flowers and full of class

6- They combine with rustic decorations with the presence of a lot of wood

7- It is possible to create a panel full of life to make amazing photos

8- They present a lot of class and become wedding decoration with a romantic touch

9- They are great for decorating pergolas at outdoor weddings

10- Create themed decorations with giant flowers choosing the colors of the characters to make the compositions

11- They are creative alternatives for parties with simple decorations

12- And they do very well in more complex decorations, but they ask for a delicate touch

13- May appear as a complement to a party decoration

14- Combine with tropical themes, just choose colored papers and combine them with foliage

15- They are ideal for adult parties with a more sober and mature decoration

16- With a black and white striped background, choose giant flowers with strong colors that will stand out

17- On neutral and dark backgrounds, invest in a mix of flowers with light and cheerful tones

18- Because they are big, they are flashy and delicate at the same time

19- It is an easy way to decorate and it will not give you a lot of work, but it will offer you a wonderful result

20- Mix shades of lilac and purple to have a delicate and smooth party decoration

21- A colorful and lively party for happy and fun birthdays

22- Turn your flower into a frame and have an incredible result using only a single unit

23- Metallic whole for more modern decorations

24- The whole party panel made with big flowers was amazing and very happy

25- It is also possible to apply flowers on fabrics to have a fluid and harmonic party panel

26- Make a flower arrangement with a cascade of metallic balls to hang on the wall

27- Mix the giant flowers with vases of green plants and have a romantic decoration, worthy of a wedding

28- Change flower sizes to make creative and stylish compositions

29- The panel made only with white flowers combines with all styles of decorations

30- How about this bouquet of flowers made with giant paper flowers?

31- They can also be used in children’s room decorations

32- The little lights help to enhance the colorful flowers on this white curtain

33- A composition with several shades of the same color palette for an elegant decoration

34- Black flowers match any color, but are charming alongside light and romantic tones

35- An incredible gradient to decorate parties of all types and ages

36- Decorate your room with giant flowers that harmonize with the room’s decor

37- A wonderful rustic decor and made even more interesting with the addition of flowers

38- Flowers are the real stars of this wonderful and very charming decoration

39- One more idea of ​​how to decorate with giant flowers using a black background

40- In decorations where strong colors predominate, invest in white flowers

41- The red flowers were amazing next to the golden curtain

42- A white arrangement to decorate parties, events and even your home

43- A heart made with paper flowers perfect for those who like a romantic touch in decoration

44- Also make leaves to compose the decoration together with the flowers, the result is even more beautiful

45- Your house can be even more beautiful with the flowers decorating the television wall

46- They are decorative objects that combine with commercial environments in the beauty industry

47- The blue of these flowers is so delicate that it made this decoration cozy and classy

48- A panel with various shades and sizes of flowers to decorate a cheerful and charming party

49- A special corner of the house calls for an elegant and attractive decoration

50- This composition of colors is synonymous with elegance

51- A special touch to leave the headboard wall with a romantic air to pack the couple’s romance

52- A stylish and decorated home office to work with even more taste

53- Silver invades the decor bringing a futuristic and modern touch to the space

54- A cheerful wedding decoration to brighten events that happen in daylight

55- Another way to decorate your home office with giant paper flowers

56- A whole birthday with the decoration thought in the same color tone

57- It is possible to make the most different types of giant flowers with paper and compose a decoration full of personality

58- Crepe is also a material that guarantees an incredible result

59- Get out of the obvious by decorating guests’ chairs with these wonderful flowers

60- Two trends that come together for a wonderful result: stripes and giant flowers

61- Unicorn decoration is another trend that embraces giant flowers with style

62- The flamingos guarantee a happy party and ask for strong colors as it was assembled in this decoration

63- Class is the key word of this decoration, isn’t it?

64- Escape the traditional roses by making other types of flowers

65- The monochrome also looks beautiful and guarantees a look full of elegance

66- One more idea of ​​how to use the flowers in the unicorn decoration

67- The gold brought the extra touch that this decoration needed to make it more special

68- Green and white is a combination that cannot be missed

69- Another idea to make a curtain with lights and flowers to use as a panel

70- The perfect wedding arch for simple and loving celebrations

The giant flowers are wonderful and will leave your decor with much more style and elegance. They are simple to do and you can let your creativity speak louder by mixing colors, sizes, shapes and adding foliage and more. With our tips, inspirations and tutorials, it will be possible to compose a charming decoration while spending very little! Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty in the best DIY style!