Garden Seat models: What is it? How to use In Decoration?

garden seat in decoration

Are you thinking about using the garden seat in your decoration? Well know that the option can be interesting for different rooms. Both if you buy the object and if you choose the “do it yourself” style.

A garden seat is nothing more than a “ garden bench ”. It is also known as a stool or stool and is of Chinese origin.

The object can be used in several spaces and have different functions. In addition to being a decorative piece, it can, for example, serve as a bench or a support for potted plants or other objects.

Before, this type of stool was used only in gardens, hence its name. However, they soon realized that its look and functionality could fit into any space in the house.

So, the garden seat went to the inside of the property and became a key player in any of Heart as minimalist or modern.

Important features of the garden seat

The most traditional look of the garden seat is the barrel shape, with the stool made of ceramic. However, there are several options on the market, made of other materials and formats. For example: there is the version of wood, acrylic and natural fibers. Some are even made of metal, which has a cooler feel.

Not to mention that the look of this type of stool is not limited to the barrel aspect . In fact, today there are options that imitate animals or other formats, which makes the piece even more decorative in any environment.

So much versatility and still allows the garden seat to be used alone or with several pieces together. It all depends on the purpose of the furniture and the look it will add to the space.

As this object is usually small, it can be easily inserted under other furniture. Like a table or a sideboard. Then, it becomes a piece that may or may not stand out in the environment, as desired by the user.

The garden seat can even be used in party decorations, such as weddings. A common use is to have it with a metallic look and combined with the flowers of the wedding table decoration. But everything requires balance, both for home decoration against, as for parties and other events.

garden seat in decoration

Below, we talk more about this little piece of furniture and present its way of doing it. Keep reading!

Which garden seat to use?

There are several formats and materials that can compose a garden seat. Only some of them are more attractive for a type of decoration. So, it is important to choose the ideal type to match your decor and the goals you want for the space.

Wooden garden seat

This type of “garden bench” is ideal for a more rustic decor. It can be combined with other wooden elements and lighter colors. This will bring a more minimalist look.

Porcelain garden seat

The porcelain garden seat is ideal for a more classic, romantic decoration. In this case, it is interesting to invest in lighter or pink colors , combining with other romantic aspects in the space. Like flowers, more delicate wallpapers and others.

garden seat

Acrylic garden seat

In more modern spaces, the stool is expected to have a different aspect, more urban and youthful. So, invest in benches made of acrylic or plastic, of various colors or even transparent.

Metal garden seat

S and its goal is a contemporary decor, garden seat Ideally metal. It can be either gray metal or more bronze or gold. Everything will depend on the purpose of your dec prayer and the rest of the objects that the space has.

Garden seat made of natural fibers

If your decoration refers to nature, to the feeling of permanent well-being, benches made of natural fibers are the most interesting. In addition to the beautiful look, they will have exactly what they need to bring nature into the home.

Benches wrapped in ropes have the same result for decoration. Just like a “leaked” bench, with only one piece of top. This option is also interesting for more modern decorations.

Fabric garden seat

This type of stool is not very common, but it can be an option if you want to use the garden seat style with a more cozy look. However, you will most likely need to produce your own bank. After all, it is difficult to find pieces of this type to sell on the market.

Where to use a garden seat for decoration?

garden seat in decoration

Without a doubt, a garden city can be ideal for any space in the house or your company. You will only need to think about its combination with the rest of the decoration and the objects you have in the environment.

The furniture can serve both as a nightstand, as well as a bench, a decorative object, a support for other items and more.

Below, we list some suggestions on how to use this furniture in your environments. Follow us!

Garden seat in the living room

In this space, it is common for the seat to be used with an extra bench or a piece to support other decorative objects. Like an arrangement of flowers, lamps and air even for the home phone.

You can also use the garden seat as a coffee table or as a side support for the sofa. It can serve, for example, for you to support your glass while having a small snack in the room.

To prevent the bench from being in the middle of the room, hindering people’s traffic, you can choose to place it under the sideboard, on a table or in some corner. Everything will depend on the objective you give to it and the look of the object.

Often, it will be more interesting that the stool is well highlighted, as this is what will add to the decoration of your environment.

But don’t forget that it is essential to combine it with the rest of the objects in space. If it disagrees, it will have an effect contrary to the desired one.

The “garden bench” in the kitchen

In the kitchen, it is more common for the object to serve as an extra stool. Especially when there is a table, bench or sideboard for people to use during meals.

Other than that, the garden seat will not be very interesting as a decorative piece. That’s because, it will end up being in the middle of the road . It may also cause a fuller visual than expected for a kitchen.

Stool in the room

garden seat

In the bedroom, the stool can replace the nightstand, serving as a support for a lamp or your personal items. Like a cell phone, a book or whatever you think is necessary to place next to the bed

Other use of the object in space is like a bench to put shoes on or get some rest in a seat other than the bed itself. It can replace, for example, the puffs that are very common in the rooms.

As an option on the balcony or terrace

Do you use your balcony or terrace for informal conversations and cozy moments with your family, friends? If so, the “garden bench” can serve as support for objects and as seats for these moments. Or even as support for your guests’ snacks and drinks.

If you install a sofa or other benches in the rooms, remember to combine them with the garden seat. Thus, you will give harmony to the space and a beautiful decoration. Even if he is on the outside of your home, he will be attractive to anyone who visits you.

Garden seat in the yard or garden

As we mentioned before, this type of stool was originally used in the garden and in the backyards of the houses. So, it is only fair that it is also used in this space today.

Again, the object can serve as support for your objects. Even in the pool area, it can be used to put on your sunglasses or bath towels.

In the garden or yard, it can serve as a seat for your moment of connection with nature and to enjoy one bit of sunshine.

Step by step to make a garden seat for decoration

garden seat

On average, a garden seat costs around R $ 200.00. Of course, this cost varies depending on the store of purchase and the city in which you are located. So, it is worth researching a lot before purchasing the one that really fits your decor.

But, if you are not willing to spend that much, you can opt for “do-it-yourself” stools. This is also an alternative when you prefer personalized objects or have a very personal style of decoration.

“Getting your hands dirty” can become a hobby, or even a new form of income for you. But you will need to be careful when choosing your materials. Depending on the style of stool chosen, they can be super laborious, or even expensive to handle.

Follow our tips to make your garden seat and give an up in your decoration.

Define the base of your garden seat

The first step to produce s I own garden seat for decoration is to define what will be their base. You will need a material that is sturdy and that allows, for example, that you feel about it. After all, gardens seats are often used as a bench, even if they were not initially planned for that purpose.

It is a good option to use an empty bucket or paint can. You can also use a wooden or metal base, or even ceramic, if you are apt for this type of crafts.

Plan where and how it will be used

The next step will be to define where and how you will use your banquet. I sso because you will need based on your decor on object usage style.

To place the garden seat as a nightstand, for example, you need to think of a style that matches the decor of your room. The same goes for the kitchen, the living room, etc.

Not to mention that, if the goal is specifically to use it as a bench, you will need an even more resistant material. As stated before, it is important that this material is always resistant. But, if your goal is exactly to have a new bank, this aspect will be even more important, deserving extra attention.

Choose your decor

With the base and purpose of your stool defined, it will be time for you to choose the way to decorate it. There are several possibilities, and the best choice will depend on the objects that exist in the environment and your preferences.

Apply the fabric

As we mentioned before, there is the possibility of applying fabric around the stool. In this case, it is interesting to opt for more colorful versions or even in the patchwork style. This will give your space a more attractive appearance and exactly the “do it yourself” feeling that the fabric provides.

But it is also possible that you choose a little more elegant. If that is the goal, prefer sober tones, such as gray or black, and invest in textures.

Use of strings

It is common to see stools with ropes all around the market. This look is attractive, especially for those who like the aspect of nature indoors or a more stripped and light look.

But this result will depend on the color of the strings you use. The common rope, beige, goes back to nature; the black rope will be more elegant; colorful strings will bring a more youthful look to space.

Paint with the desired color

Another very simple option is to use the paint to decorate your garden seat. In this case, choose colors that will match the rest of your decor.

You can even mix colors, create designs or even textures on the stool. The important thing is to leave creativity free so that the result is more your face.

When painting, remember to protect everything around your bank. This will prevent spills from staining other furniture, the floor, walls and more surfaces. Place tarps on them, to avoid any discomfort afterwards.

Don’t forget that the garden seat can have different functions. So, even if you purchase or make one for a certain purpose, it can be used in other ways later. A great advantage of this type of furniture.

Below, we have separated several examples of garden seat for you. Follow the photos!

garden seat garden seat garden seat garden seat garden seat garden seat garden seat garden seat garden seat

Do you already have this type of object at home? How do you intend to use it? Are you going to buy yours, or get your hands dirty? Tell us in the comments of this post!