Dekton: Learn More About This Coating and +70 Inspirations

Have you heard of Dekton? This new ultra-compact surface is manufactured by Consentino, a Spanish company that stands out in the production of surfaces for architecture and decoration. In its manufacture an exclusive technology called TSP is used, in which the natural stone is exposed to high pressure and high temperature in an accelerated way.

The coating is suitable for indoor and outdoor areas and can bring a touch of elegance to almost every room in the house, and can be used on countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, islands, floors, tables, pools and even fireplaces. It is possible to find it in several colors and it is a very durable material.

Therefore, we made a selection of tips, inspirations and the main characteristics of this material. Check it out and see how to use it in your home decor!

What is Dekton

Dekton is an industrialized stone made from a mixture of raw materials, such as porcelain, glass and quartz surfaces. The European group that manufactures it calls Consentino and uses TSP technology, particle synthesis technology.

This technology makes the raw materials apply an accelerated version of the metamorphic processes that the stone undergoes for thousands of years when exposed to high pressure and high temperature.

The company does not disclose which materials are used in the composition of Dekton, but it is known that in production, first the raw materials undergo pigmentation and atomization procedures, undergoing a heat treatment and generating particles one micron thick.

Then the decoration is made, including the colors, drawings, going through another thermal process again.

Before finalization, Dekton is subjected to a final press and synthesized, thus, the final piece has zero porosity and the quality is guaranteed by not having micro defects that could cause stresses.

The end result is a material that combines the best characteristics of glass, porcelain and Silestone. It can be found in 5 different thicknesses and a piece can be 1440 mm x 3200 mm.

Where to use Dekton

Thanks to its characteristics, Dekton can be used to coat floors, walls, facades and countertops. It is still a great alternative for stairs, garages, sidewalks, pool edges and furniture in general.

Due to its wide variety of colors, it combines with all types of decoration, from the most retro, classic, to the most modern, industrial, rustic and much more.

It is indicated for projects that need a material with good resistance with the right dose of sophistication.

Dekton: what colors are available

There are more than 50 colors available to choose from, spread over several lines. Most of them have neutral tones, but it is possible to find pieces with veins and stone textures, reminiscent of marble and even burnt cement. The main and most sought after are the colors: Aura, Entzo and Kelya.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dekton

The material is extremely resistant and has many other important characteristics that offer advantages and disadvantages for those who choose it. We have selected the main ones to help you define if it is the right coating for you, check out:


– Heat resistance: as it is a solid material, it can be up to 5 times more resistant than granite. It can withstand high temperatures without burning or cracking. It does not have resin in its composition, being ideal to be used in external areas.

– Stain resistance: as it has a smooth and non-porous surface, it prevents liquids and gases from penetrating the surface, avoiding stains and being easy to clean.

– Scratch resistance: Dekton has a very resistant composition and hardly knives or other cutlery and the dragging of chairs will damage or scratch the material. It is perfect for places with a large circulation of people.

– Abrasion resistance: it is a very resistant and durable material, suitable for places with high traffic of people. Thanks to this feature, the cost of long-term maintenance becomes much lower.

– Color stability: during the manufacture of Dekton, the pigmentation control is extremely strict, therefore, the color of the material is resistant and very durable. This is yet another feature that reduces the need for maintenance.


– Weight: due to its composition, Dekton is usually heavier than other coating materials. Therefore, it is important to check if the structure of the property includes a facade made with it.

– Need for specialized labor: Dekton requires a lot of specific care, therefore, the installation must be done by specialized labor and this can increase the cost of the project.

– It cannot be used inside the barbecue: although it is a resistant material, it cannot be used inside barbecue grills because the contact with fire can end up damaging it over time.

What is the price of Dekton?

The price of Dekton varies depending on the collection, the size of the area where it will be used, the color and the region where it will be purchased. Nowadays, there are resellers in several Brazilian capitals, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, among others.

On average, m² can cost between R $ 2,100.00 and R $ 3,800.00. The value is still high, but it may decrease as the coating becomes more popular in the country.

70 photos of Dekton that will inspire you and help you define how to use it at home

Now that you know the main characteristics of this coating, it’s time to see how it is applied in projects. It combines with the most diverse decorative styles, such as modern, classic, rustic, clean and industrial. We have selected 70 wonderful photos that will show you how it is worth installing it in your home because Dekton brings elegance, sophistication and a lot of luxury. Check out:

1- The Dekton countertop made the kitchen much more luxurious and elegant

2- The material can cover cabinets in all environments of the house with a touch of sophistication

3- You can contrast the color of your Dekton with the color of the cabinets

4- Or keep everything in the same tone to have a clean and charming environment

5- The Dekton of this island added even more value to the cuisine

6- It can be used to coat dining table tops

7- It is an excellent option for cupboard tops and for countertops separating integrated environments

8- How about using the coating both on the countertops and on the kitchen wall?

9- A room with several tones and that Dekton came to finish off the style and sophistication

10- All white for an elegant, clean and very modern room

11- This material is synonymous with luxury and elegance and brings a special touch even to small spaces

12- Can be used in different environments, such as in the living room, kitchen countertops, floors and bathrooms

13- When used as a pool liner, it guarantees a cozy and stylish look for the most relaxing place in the house

14- The black coating is ideal for environments full of personality

15- They look even more elegant when they appear in that tone, mixing white lines like a light crackle

16- In the same environment, Dekton can be used in more than one item

17- It is a novelty for headboards and brings a special and cozy touch to the room

18- A striking contrast in a kitchen where white is the predominant color

19- The outside area of ​​the house asks for an island covered with Dekton to be a luxury only

20- It is such a versatile material that it can also line facades of homes and businesses

21- It is possible to mix Dekton tones using one color in the cabinets and another on the floor

22- One more idea of ​​how wonderful the coating looks when applied to the floor

23- It is perfect to be applied in integrated environments benches

24- Looks amazing in dark tones matching furniture with unconventional colors

25- A Dekton-coated floor that attracts the attention of everyone who passes by the place

26- It is perfect for covering bathroom floors bringing elegance to the space

27- An idea of ​​how to use it on the floor of commercial spaces

28- Combines with stylish and elegant rooms

29- And it can be present on the floor of large rooms where elegance is the keyword

30- In furniture with striking colors invest in a lighter shade of Dekton

31- Look how amazing this combination highlights the dark Dekton because the furniture is light

32- All in the same color to bring unity and harmony to the room

33- White is a wild color and easy to combine and make the space elegant

34- A simple kitchen that became much more elegant with the addition of the cladding

35- It can be used on stairs and in this project, it gave more life to the space by contrasting with the predominantly white

36- Who said modern and stylish floors can’t be black?

37- The gray color reminiscent of burnt cement is super high and guarantees a stylish look

38- An entire facade of Dekton looks wonderful and guarantees a very elegant look

39- A mix of Dekton tones allows you to create drawings on the floor

40- Alternate the Dekton of the facade with dark glass to make it even more modern

41- The LED contributes to enhancing its coating even more

42- An untraditional and stylish chest of drawers

43- It can also be used to cover fireplaces and ecological fireplaces

44- It is very interesting the combination of the coating in dark tones with white sculpted vats

45- The island can be made entirely of Dekton and become the main piece of the kitchen

46- The combination of modern and vintage style furniture is extremely elegant

47- The cladding combines with wooden elements and contributes to a lighter decoration

48- One more idea of ​​how the LED can enhance your Dekton coating

49- This is one of Dekton’s most popular tones and brings a lot of elegance to where it is inserted

50- Dekton predominates in this kitchen and manages to refresh the look with such lightness

51- It is perfect for small and integrated environments

52- Gray furniture calls for an island with black Dekton

53- Look how amazing this table with gray Dekton that reminds of burnt cement and brings an industrial touch to this decoration

54- Combines very well with laminated and shiny furniture

55- The combination of this project is very modern

56- Small pieces of Dekton can be used for boards, cup holders and other decorative objects

57- Another Dekton-topped table idea

58- The kitchen was much more elegant with the white Dekton countertop and the wall covering in the same tone

59- Another idea of ​​an ecological fireplace coated with Dekton

60- Look how amazing this white table with wooden details

61- The dark floor made this environment more elegant and full of charm

62- In this other project, the floor with Dekton flooring became modern and with an industrial touch

63- Dark environments are synonymous with modernity, but need a greater investment in lighting

64- Dekton in a lighter tone is perfect for those who want to add elegance to the space without daring too much

65- The floor can bring a new look to the environment

66- A stylish bench is what you need to make the room more beautiful

67- The white furniture was amazing with the Dekton countertop covering some darker tones

68- The bathtub and wall creating unity and harmony like no other

69- Alternate tones in furniture to have a kitchen with style and sophistication

70- This room has large windows that allow light to enter, which is why the black countertop was so well installed

Dekton is a coating that brings a lot of charm where it is placed. It is a very resistant and durable material. If you are looking for something that will bring you countless advantages, don’t be afraid to invest in Dekton’s application. With our tips and inspirations, you can’t go wrong!