Decorative Cage Models – How to Use in Decoration?

Decorative cages

You may have heard of decorative cages. They are the newest trend in the decorative universe and will compose environments with a lot of style, beauty and personality. They were inspired by the bird houses, which are full of bars.

There are no rules for applying them, and they can combine with various decorative styles. Let your creativity and imagination flow and try to harmonize the items available in the environment with the model of your cage. The advantage of these parts is that they can be allocated in internal and external areas.

Decorative cages can receive many uses, such as lamps, jewelry boxes and more. We made a selection of tips and inspirations. Check and adopt this key piece in your decoration!

Decorative cages

Tips for using decorative cages in decoration

The cages go very well with flowers, plants and candles. That is, you can compose a coffee table using these elements. And in this way, they can be placed on a tray and used as a centerpiece.

It is a very versatile item and can harmonize with modern, classic and youthful environments.

For a youthful composition, just add other elements with this footprint, such as turn signals. Put it in your room and have a new lamp.

In modern environments, your cage can turn into a light fixture. In more classic places, prefer cages with a more traditional and rounded style, so you will have a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Already on terraces or balconies, you can insert plants, flowers and other pots, creating a pleasant climate.

Lamp made of cage

Decoration with cages

In the universe of decoration, almost all elements can take on new shapes and meanings, and with cages it would be no different. They fit together like ornaments, lanterns, floral vases and trinket holders. We selected some functions and tips to get to know you better, check it out!

1 – To illuminate

The cages can be used as pendant lamps or placed on some furniture. The effect of light passing through the holes of the piece guarantees an elegant and differentiated effect. When used in this way, it can be inserted in various environments, such as children’s bedrooms, living rooms, gardens, etc. Create compositions with a rustic or vintage style. Another way to ensure the light inside the cage is by adding candles. Thus, you create an environment with indirect light, being more intimate.

2 – For wedding

Did you know that decorative cages can be used in wedding decorations? Well know that they combine very well with outdoor parties. they add a romantic and vintage touch to the environment. Just unleash your imagination and creativity to achieve these effects. They can be used with red bows, flowers and lights. Opt for lighter colors to have the desired effect.

3 – Suspended, on the Table or on the Floor

There are no rules on where to use decorative cages. They can be suspended, on the floor, or on a table. Let your personal taste dictate the use you will make of the cages, and the other objects in the environment determine how this adornment will be used.

4 – Original Fixtures

The cages can be complemented with traditional Christmas lights. To create an original luminaire, just wrap the light cord a little and place it inside the cage.

So, in a few minutes, you have given your cage a new use, transforming it into a romantic and creative object. Place your lamp in the bedroom, living room and even offices.

5 – Transforming decorative cages into Candle Holders

Cages can also be used as candles. For this, it will not be necessary to make any type of change in the part. Place some candles inside the cage and light them when you want to create a different mood in the room.

It is perfect for special occasions or moments when you need to relax, it will already provide sensations such as calm, warmth and comfort.

6 – Blue Decorative Cage

Decorative cages are available in several colors. The shade of blue blends very well with outdoor areas, such as gardens, balconies and terraces. Insert flowers inside and match the shades of blue in the cage. Thus, you will have an elegant and charming adornment.

7 – New Jewelry Box and Jewelry with Decorative Cages

Another use is to transform the decorative cages into jewelry boxes. Organize them in a practical way and put on earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. They can be hung or stored inside the object. Place it in a place that is easy to reach and handle, such as the dressing table or nightstand.

8 – Decorative Cages as Adornments

As decorations, cages alone guarantee this function. They can be arranged without any type of additional element in furniture, hung on the walls or placed outside. Combine the model of your cage with the style of the environment.

9 – Provençal Decorative Cage

The Provencal decor is ideal for those who are fond of more classic elements, with lighter paintings and a slightly worn appearance. A cage in this style must follow these characteristics. However, wooden models can fit into this decorative style when they receive different dye applications. Iron models, on the other hand, must be painted with a light coat of paint.

The best use for your cage will be determined by you, but it can compose the Provencal style as a lamp, adornment, as a small internal garden and even a candle holder. Choose well how you are going to insert it in the environment, it can be hung, on some furniture and even on the floor.

Decorative cage as an armchair

Decorative Cage Materials

Decorative cages can be made of various materials, such as wood, MDF, iron or paper. Each of them has specific characteristics that make them suitable for certain environments. We selected the main ones of each material, check it out!

1 – The Decorative Paper Cages

Decorative paper cages are easy to make at home, and look great indoors. The advantage of the material is that you can choose which color your cage will have. However, the fragility of the material makes it impossible to use it in external areas, because the paper is not prepared to suffer from the actions of the climate and the weather.

Another cool idea is that paper cages can be used to decorate birthday parties and weddings.

2 – The Decorative Iron Cages

The decorative iron cage is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. First, you will need to decide which room it will be allocated to. If it is in the living room, arrange it on a piece of furniture, in the kitchen, it can be used on the table with some flowers. It can even be positioned in the bathroom, creating a charming and cozy environment.

Another thing that you will need to decide on is the size of your iron cage. There are models in the most diverse shapes and sizes. Unleash your imagination and make compositions that are elegant and wonderful.

3 – MDF Decorative Cages

The decorative MDF cage is a very charming, delicate and elegant object. The material allows it to be used in the internal environments of the house, both on the walls and on top of some furniture.

The advantage of the material is that they can be shaped in a way that matches the rest of the room. MDF can be painted in different colors and can match almost any decorative style. Place them in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room table.

Decoration cage

Where to buy decorative cages

Decorative cages can be purchased at physical decoration stores, thrift stores, antique furniture stores and even used furniture stores. The most interesting thing is that the retro model is easy to find in these places, and you can make a new look.

The online stores are also great options, there are several models available and you can choose what suits your personality and style.

Where to buy decorative cages?

How much does a decorative cage cost?

On average, a decorative cage can cost around R $ 150. We selected some online stores where you can find them and we did a little analysis on prices.

In Submarino you can find decorative cages in the most varied models and sizes. It is a reliable place to make your purchase and you can find the cage that you like the most. The cheapest models start at R $ 26 and are simpler. The most complex and elegant models can reach up to R $ 265.

At Camicado you will be able to find a small variety of models and sizes. The cheapest are the smaller models and cost around R $ 140. Larger models can cost up to R $ 300.

The Wood has different models in many different styles. Models with lower prices start at R $ 70 and tend to have smaller dimensions. Already the cages with higher price, have a price of R $ 400 and are more elaborated with better finish.

33 photos of decorative cages to be inspired

The decorative cages are very charming and elegant. They can be used for a variety of functions and purposes. We made a selection with 38 incredible photos that will impress you. Check and choose your favorite to base your home decor!

1 – To start, how about using your cage on the table? A great place to decorate, isn’t it?

Decorative cage on the table

2 – Spreading your decorative cages throughout the room can also be a great option for decorating

Decorative cages scattered throughout the room

3 – And for a party, it also becomes an excellent decoration option

Decorative cage used in party

4 – Do you want to place your candles inside the decorative cages? Excelent idea!

Candles inside the decorative cages

5 – Using cages as lighting fixtures is also an excellent idea, giving an extra touch to the whole environment

Decorative cages used as fixtures

6 – A small cage, composing the decoration of the environment

Cage composing environment decoration

7 – Decorative cages are also a good place to store all your plants

Decorative cages for storing plants

8 – Another little plant that found its place

Plant inside the cage

9 – How about placing decorative flowers inside your cage? The result is beautiful!

Flowers inside the cage

10 – Here the cage is used with mastery, at the same time that it goes around the lamp in the room there are also several “birds” inside it!

Decorative cage in the room

11 – The cage is an excellent place to leave your lamp, and even a fake bird!

Lamp inside the cage

12 – Another place where decorative cages can be used!

Usage ideas for decorative cages

13 – For an environment that invests in strong colors, the decorative cages combine very well

Ambiance with strong colors

14 – How about locking your lamps in the cage?

Lamp stuck in the cage

15 – An excellent idea here is to leave the birds outside the cages!

Little birds outside the cages

16 – The decorative cages go well in the dining room

Decorative cages in the dining room

17 – Another light cage idea for you to use

Decorative cage ideas to use

18 – A beautiful cage, even more beautiful because it is empty!

Usage ideas for decorative cages

19 – The decorative cages below are very different models, but without losing their elegance!

Different models of decorative cages

20 – A simple and beautiful cage, adding beauty to the room

Small cage used as decoration in the room

21 – More models of decorative cages with candles inside, so you can see how beautiful they are

Cage with old women inside

22 – A white cage, in a white room, for white decorations!

23 – Here are several different models of decorative cages, for you to choose the one that you found most beautiful

Various models of decorative cages

24 – Remember that we talked above the decorative cages with the blinkers inside?

flasher cage

25 – Using decorative cages at wedding parties is sure to add a lot to the decor!

cages as decoration for weddings

26 – A single cage above the sofa can add a lot of decoration

Cage above the sofa

27 – Again some candles being kept inside the cage

Cage with candles inside

28 – Decorative cages can also be used in the kitchen, combining well with the environment

Cages in the kitchen

29 – How about a cage armchair?

Cage armchair

30 – Mini decorative cages hanging from the trees in the garden complement the decoration of the environment

mini cages hanging from the trees

31 – Here are some more decorative cage ideas to spark your imagination!

Decorating ideas with cages

32 – More decorative mini cages for you!

Mini cages

33 – And, to close, there goes a cage where the birds like to be together!

Bird cage with happy birds

Decorative cages are a trend in the decorative world. They are capable of making any environment more romantic, delicate and full of personality. To decorate your home, keep in mind the utility that your cage will give and the place where it will be inserted. Don’t be afraid to dare and invest in this key piece!

So, which of the decorative cage models above did you like the most? Which one are you already planning to buy for by decorating everything? Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!