Decorated Glass Bottles: Price, Lace, Gold, Glitter, Jute, Fabrics +200 Photos and Ideas!

Using decorative items at home which you own in nova city  is something that makes all the difference! After all, this is a way for you to increase your decor, making it even more pleasant. However, today you find several items that you can use in your home. But to make it cooler, an excellent option is to make your own object like decorated bottles.

Decorated bottles are nothing more than beverage bottles, whichever you want, in which you make a beautiful decoration in it and so you can use it as a decorative item. The cool thing to do is due to its use and because it has several types of advantages.

As an example, you will be helping the environment, since you are recycling bottles, this can serve as a therapy since it is a type of manual work, not to mention that it becomes an incredible item of decoration.

In addition, today you will find countless models of bottles that you can be inspired by. But of course, you can also use these models only as a reference and thus make an exclusive for you.

Therefore, in this article I separated some models of decorated bottles very creative for you to be inspired! And of course, I also separated tips for you to use in the decoration and the step by step for you to do without any difficulty. So, check out the full article below!

Decorated glass bottles price, how much does it cost?

For those who do not have so much money available and are looking to give a decoration up, a good alternative is to bet on the decorated bottles. That’s because they have a very low price and in the end, it’s the details that make all the difference in one place.

That way, the decorated bottles can be found ready-made or you can make your own. In this case, you can find decorated bottles for R $ 10.00 or some more expensive ones for R $ 30.00. This will all depend on the type of decoration you have on the bottle. Since depending on the model you choose, it can come at a higher price.

For those who want to make their own bottle, the price will also come into the same question. The amount will vary a lot depending on what you want to do. But you can make a decoration in a bottle for only R $ 10.00. Taking into account that you are going to buy a drink just to use the bottle afterward.

If you already have a bottle left at home, you spend about R $ 5.00 to decorate. Therefore, betting on it is an excellent option for those who want to save money. Since it has a very affordable price.

Starting with the models, there are countless ways for you to decorate your bottle. And the cool thing is that you can use even other reused items to make the bottle even cooler.

So, see these decorated bottle models that I have separated for you to get inspired:

Bottle decorated with string

The first model is the bottle with string, the idea of ​​this type is to wrap a string around the bottle making it very beautiful. If you want to use other items for this type of decoration , you can also do it easily without any complications. As an example, you may be placing some glitters, flowers, folding among many others.

In addition, there are some ways to make the bottle decorated with string as well. For example, you can place the string only in the center and paint the rest of the bottle. Or if you prefer, put the string on the entire bottle making it more natural. Therefore, the important thing is that you use your creativity in this model leaving it the way you prefer.

Colored Bottles

The next choice of the decorated bottles is the colored ones. This is very simple to do and you don’t even spend 10 minutes for this model. So basically, you will need a claw and spray paint to paint and of course you can paint any color you like.

A suggestion for this to be even cooler in your home decor is to choose complementary colors of your environment. For example, if your house has green as its main color, you can look for the complementary color of green and paint the bottle that color. You can’t go wrong!

In addition, another suggestion for colored bottles is to make them in pastel colors. But stop this case, you will need to use white as a base color. However, the pastel colors are simply beautiful in the environment and the best thing is that it does not make the space heavy, so you can overdo the colors!

Glitter Decorated Bottles

For those who love glamor, an excellent model for this is to use bottles with glitter. These bottles give a great prominence in the place, so it is an excellent option to give an increment in the decoration. Thus, the idea is for you to use glitter throughout the bottle and not add any more details, so as not to overdo it.

Although some people may think that this model is a little complicated, in fact you can do it without complications. In addition to using an appropriate glue, you will have to apply the glitter, wait for it to dry and finally finish with a spray that helps to compact the glitter. Therefore, you can bet on this model also without any difficulty.

Bottles With Designs

The bottles with designs are also beautiful in the decoration and you don’t have to be a designer to make them. Of course, if you know how to draw, you can draw a picture of your own imagination and make the bottle more interesting and, of course, more creative. But if you do not know, you can use some drawing as a template and thus paint it in a very simple and practical way.

In addition, the cool thing about this type of bottle is that depending on the design you put in to complete your decor. For example, if you have a rustic style at home, you can perfectly use earth tones and make a beautiful design. So your decorated bottle will simply fit into the decor.

Bottles Decorated With Flowers

The bottles decorated with flowers is a very common model and of course, it looks beautiful in the decoration. In this type, there are countless ways you can make the flowers in the bottle. For example, you can decorate, making a crochet flower or any other idea that you think is cool.

This type of bottle tends to be very beautiful outdoors. This happens precisely because we usually make beautiful gardens outside the house. So once you use the bottle with flowers, they will complete the decoration of the area leaving the space very pleasant.

Black Bottles

Black bottles also tend to look great in the decoration and of course there are some cool ways for you to use them. One suggestion is to place the black bottle in an opaque tone, in the center of the table with a beautiful natural plant. This will add an extra dimension to your living room and is a great option for minimalist or contemporary rooms.

In addition, another cool way you can do with the decorated black bottles, when painted in opaque black we can also do some drawing in white. This way you will create an incredible contrast and it will be an excellent item for your decoration.

Bottles With Candle

And finally, the last model of decorated bottles that I separated is the one with candle. In this case, you can basically do some simpler decoration on the bottle and light a candle inside. This will make the atmosphere cozy and would be even cooler if you used it at a dinner for example.

In addition, a suggestion for this model of claw is that you make a design so that when you light the candle, that design appears clearly. So it’s up to you to design what you think is the coolest.

How to use bottles in decoration

The cool thing about using decorated bottles is that they fit into any room in the house. After all, there are several ways you can make and use them, making it even more interesting. But to help you, I brought some really cool ways for you to use this bottle according to each room. Check out:


Starting with the kitchen, there are some really cool ways you can use them. But a very interesting way is to place it on the counter or in the center of the table with some natural flower. This will bring nature to the environment and give your kitchen a boost.

Another very cool suggestion for you to bet on is to use it as a support for some utensils. For this case I suggest you cut the mouth of the bottle, so that we use it to place kitchen utensils.


Unfortunately it is very common for people not to pay as much attention to the bathroom as they should. But decorating it is essential! After all, it is still an important room in the house and you can make this decoration in different ways.

Therefore, an excellent way for you to increase this type of decoration is to place the bottle in the bathroom sink. Then you can put an artificial plant on it or if you want to leave it with nothing, just as a decorative item.

Living room

Using the decorated bottles in the room is something that certainly cannot be missing. This is because the room is usually the main environment of a house. Therefore, it is essential that you pay close attention to it.

So my suggestion is to put three different sized bottles and different models on the shelf in your living room, but with the same type of decoration. So in addition to completing each other, they were very beautiful in this environment.


The area is also another space where you can place bottles, especially if you have a beautiful leisure space. So in this case, my suggestion is that you place a well-decorated bottle in the center of a leisure table. This will improve your area and make it very pleasant.


Finally, we must not forget to quote the fourth. Of course, you can also add a bottle in this room.

However, already in this case, I suggest that you place the bottle in niches or shelves. And to get even better, when decorating the bottle try to make a decoration that is complete with the decoration of your room.

How to decorate bottles step by step!

Now that you have inspired some models, I separated some of them to show you how to do it. The nice thing about it is that it is quite simple to make, so you don’t need any talent or any kind of knowledge to make your decorated bottles. Therefore, see below the step by step of some models for you to make:

Colored Bottles

The first type of decorated bottles being quite common is the colored ones. For this model, you can choose the color you want and put it in the environment you want in your home.

  • Materials: Spray paint of the color of your choice, 500ml bottle, white spray paint;
  • Step by step: Just remove the label from the bottle and then apply the white spray paint. After drying, you can pass the paint of the color you prefer.

Bottles With String

The next model of decorated bottles that separate is with string. In this model there are a few different ways to do it. But stay open to make some adaptations, however, you prefer.

  • Materials: 500ml bottle, hot glue or super glue, string, spray paint if you prefer and fixer;
  • Step by step: In this step you will remove the label as in the model above and pass the glue and at the same time wrapping the string. You can choose to roll up the entire bottle or just a few parts of it. After that, you can paint the string if you prefer and apply a fixative to keep it firmer.

Bottles With Drawing

In the bottle with design you can use a mold or make whatever you want without a mold. In addition, there are numerous types of very interesting designs that you can bet on!

  • Materials: 500ml bottle, white spray paint, design template you prefer, paint of the other colors you want;
  • Step by step: Just remove the label from the bottle, use the white paint and wait for it to dry. Then you will position the mold and then apply the paint and spray as desired.

Bottles With Ribbon

And finally, the last model I separated is the bottle decorated with ribbons. This is a simple model, but it still looks beautiful in the decoration. In addition, just like the colored bottle it is very simple to make, so you can make this model easily.

  • Materials: 500ml bottle, spray paint of the color you prefer and tape of the color or model you want;
  • Step by step: In this option you will remove the label, paint the color you choose and finally, tie a decorative ribbon to make the bottle more beautiful.

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Photos and ideas!

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