Decorate small room with little money? See tips!

Want tips on how to decorate a small room with little money? So, you’ve come to the right text! Soon, we have listed a series of measures that you can take to make your space even more beautiful. Some require a small expense, but others will depend only on your creativity. Have you ever thought about redecorating without spending anything? This is completely possible!

Before decorating, however, we have two tips that can make any environment more attractive. Be it big or small, the living room or a balcony. The first is: always seek balance.

It is always important that there is harmony between colors and objects in space. The exaggerated mixture of styles and tones may seem attractive at first, but after a while, it can become tiring. Then there will be an immense desire to redecorate, but with so little balance, this redecoration may become more laborious than you would like.

Our second general tip is: dedicate yourself to the organization. An organized and clean environment allows users to enjoy the space with much more pleasure. At the same time, the look of the room remains much more pleasant and attractive. That’s even if years go by with the same decor.

Below, you can follow several tips on how to decorate a small room with little money. Adapt each suggestion according to your space and style, but remember to always consider the tips already mentioned. Thus, the combination of furniture, colors and objects in your space will be much better!

20 tips for decorating a small room with little money

1. Choose a minimalist decor style

One of the main problems in decorating a small room is that the exaggeration of furniture, objects and colors can make it uncomfortable. Be it visually, be it in a physical way. After all, these situations tend to make the available space even smaller. Therefore, a great tip is to choose, from the beginning, a minimalist style of decoration.

There are five styles of decoration most recommended: the Contemporary, Minimalist “Pure”, Oriental Style, Modern and Scandinavian. In the first, Contemporâneo, the highlight of the visual is the straight lines and light colors of the space. Thus, more subtle details with vibrant colors can draw attention to specific points.

The Minimalist style, or Clean, is characterized by a certain visual cleanliness, which conveys tranquility. Its main objective is to avoid excessive information in the space, including investing in light tones.

When choosing the Oriental style, you can invest in vibrant colors and/or mystical objects. Still, it is necessary to keep the minimalist aspect. What is not considered really necessary in space must be discarded.

The Modern style, in turn, is often confused with the Minimalist. In fact, they are quite similar, as they seek visual cleanliness. In this, however, there is a little more color and technology. The look can be futuristic or not, as long as colors such as gray, white, black, brown, copper and the like are used.

Finally, there is the Scandinavian style. Very beautiful and elegant, the option has as main feature the sober lines and emphasis on natural lighting.

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Remember to eliminate unnecessary furniture. The more minimalist the decoration, the better the visual range of the environment. Not to mention that, with fewer objects, the expense to set up the environment is less.

2. Refurbish the furniture

Your room is already decorated, but are you tired of the look? This is quite common, especially when residents spend a lot of time at home. If your goal is to decorate a small room with little money, you can renovate your furniture. With a little research, the option can be much cheaper than buying new parts. Sometimes, you can also invest in “do it yourself” and save even more.

It is possible to renovate furniture such as racks, sideboards, tables, shelves, sofas and armchairs. You can choose to use a new coat of paint, fabric, make a patina, change the drawer handles or invest in applications. Just look for a specialized company, or invest in creativity.

3. Pay attention to the sofas

Whenever possible, a small room should discard large sofas. This is because pieces with 2 or 3 seats take up a lot of space and hinder circulation in the room. In addition, its size makes the environment visually full and can cause the feeling that it is even smaller.

Thus, a tip is to use only small armchairs. If other seats are needed, use ottomans, chairs or stools. Armless sofas are also good options, as they increase the field of view of the space.

For a new decoration, it is still interesting to invest in new fabric covers. Both for the sofa and for the cushions. The options are quite inexpensive and can give a completely new look to the environment. Just remember to ensure a balance between colors and with other objects.

4. Prefer furniture with exposed legs

Every small environment deserves furniture with thinner, taller legs. After all, this type of modeling relieves the look of the environment, making it broader. Pieces with “heavier” legs, however, keep the decoration of the room also “heavy”. Increasing the field of view of the floor is an interesting option in all situations.

5. Watch out for the coffee table

The tips for the coffee table also concern taking care of the good circulation in the room and the visual range of the environment. Thinking about this last item, it is interesting to choose an acrylic or glass table. The best options are circular or rectangular, as they block the space.

When redecorating, you can choose to turn the coffee table into a corner table, or place it next to the sofa. Changing the function of a piece of furniture makes all the difference in the decoration of the room.

6. Prefer furniture in lighter tones

You may have already noticed the importance of light colors in a small room. And the clarity of tones should not be limited to walls or objects. In fact, light furniture is also an incredible decorative option! If you cannot purchase new parts in this model, invest in the renovation of the parts.

7. Make the walls stand out

Undoubtedly, the color change on the walls of the room can completely change the look of the space. Although, afterwards, the furniture remains the same or in the same places.

You can invest in a new dye, in the application of fabric on the surface, create a texture and even use wallpaper.

In any case, balance is needed. If the furniture and objects in the room have light tones, it will be possible to invest in a warmer and more intense color on the wall. Now, if there are already points of color in the space, it will be much more advantageous to keep the partitions in neutral tones.

8. Make the room look bigger

If you want to make the visual space of the room bigger, leave the frames, baseboards, doors and windows the same color as the room wall. This avoids creating “frames” and prevents the room from flattening out.

9. Use mirrors

Another way to ensure the visual breadth of the room is to use mirrors. Mirrors give the feeling of continuity of space, and even help to propagate the light. Thus, it becomes more pleasant to stay in the environment.

There are several possible types for decoration. There are, for example, the entire wall, or those that cover the entire upper part of the room. Another option is framed mirrors, which resemble paintings, but form a much more interesting attraction.

When using any option, however, remember to assess the position of the part. After all, the mirror will reflect what’s around. If positioned in front of an object that you don’t like very much, the result can be annoying. It is also not advantageous to position it behind the TV, as the reflection can make it difficult to pay attention to what is transmitted on the screen.

10. Prefer carpets with vertical stripes

Carpets must be well evaluated, as they can “decrease” the space and even cause allergies. However, they can also create a huge decorative differential in the small room. Depending on its type, it can give a more clean or modern air to the environment, or even promote a feeling of coziness.

It is only necessary to ensure that it maintains harmony with other objects and furniture. If you want to visually enlarge the space, the best carpet options will be those with vertical stripes.

11. Invest in space lighting

A lighted room becomes visually larger and much more comfortable. Therefore, it is important to invest in both natural and electrical lighting. The latter, by the way, can help to add to the room, through the use of lamps, pendants and lamps. You will only need to use objects that you like, in addition to combining them with the rest of the space.

Inserting the built-in lighting on the wall, to highlight paintings or some point in the room, is another incredible decoration tip. Just don’t overdo it, as this could cause the feeling that the environment is smaller.

12. Objects of decoration

It is always important to use decorative objects in the living room. With balance, they can make a huge difference, including creating completely personalized looks. Choose frames art, photo frames, empty frames, lamps, rugs, candles, drinks bottles or other. The tip is to select all the desired pieces and change them in the room until you find the perfect combination.

13. Decorate with plant pots

Bringing a little green into the house can be an incredible option. More than beauty, a plant pot promotes greater contact with nature, and even improves the air that circulates there.

So, invest in pots, small or large, depending on the space available. They can be positioned on the floor, on a coffee table or sideboard, or even fixed on the wall. Vases fixed on the wall and combined with small lights, such as Christmas flashers, have been successful in the field of decoration.

When choosing plants for your room, pay attention only to the needs of the plant. Some species require constant sunshine, while others must remain in the shade. You will also need to pay attention to watering and periodic pruning of the plant.

14. Change the curtain in the room

Curtains can be great options to give an up decoration. With light, colorful, printed, lighter or heavier fabrics, it is possible to completely change the look of the room. Light fabrics, for example, will give a certain delicacy and grace to the environment. Heavy fabrics, on the other hand, would give the room a more elegant and refined look.

Regardless of this look, invest in pieces that go to the floor. The curtains will also need to have built-in rails. These features give the accessory the ability to lengthen the room.

15. Make crafts!

Have you ever thought about taking advantage of some objects and producing handicrafts? Empty glass bottles, for example, can become beautiful potted plants. Meanwhile, carpets and ceramic pieces can serve as wall decoration. Or, who knows, wooden crates can become coffee tables or beautiful shelves. Recycling materials and purchasing others for handicrafts is something that comes cheap, and can still impress your personality in the environment.

16. Move furniture around

How about just moving your living room furniture? This is certainly one of the cheapest options for redecorating the environment. After all, you won’t spend anything! Placing the sofa in a new corner, or turning the coffee table into a corner table will make all the difference.

17. Use shelves

Shelves or niches are also alternatives full of advantages, especially as they create new spaces for the positioning of your objects. And they can be many: vases, pictures that have not been hung on the walls, books, bottles of drinks … Items of this type are easy to find in the market and you can often install them yourself.

18. Invest in transparent objects

Transparent pieces, whether they are furniture or objects, make a small room visually more attractive. Glass and acrylic are the best options, giving lightness to the space.

19. Install a TV panel

By installing the television on the wall, you can eliminate a rack from the room. This makes the space wider, and contributes to its cleaner look. In addition, there are several panel models on the market, decorated. The pieces are not expensive, and can change the look of the wall a lot. Just remember to check if the panel to be purchased is the ideal one for your TV. The objects have different grooves.

20. Change room objects

Do you know that picture that makes up the decoration of your room, or the vase that you placed on the balcony? They can be relocated to the room! New combinations are always interesting, and you will not spend anything on the option. Just invest in the exchange of pieces that make sense to the environment, and take others to other rooms. This second care, in fact, is essential to avoid the accumulation of many items in the same space.

See how simple it can be to decorate a small room with little money? You just need to be willing to see the room differently, and you will be able to easily decide how to change the look of the space. Good decoration!