Comfortable Small Living Room Sofa: Discover +55 Models and Ideas

For those who have a small room, it goes through the challenge of finding the ideal sofa for the environment. After all, whether you like it or not, when you have very little available space it is a little tricky to put furniture on them, especially when it comes to the sofa since it is a large piece of furniture.

In addition, it is important that you always look for sofas, which match the decor of your home. Thus, you need to be aware of the elements that make up it and its color palette.

But so that you don’t have any kind of complications, gather some incredible tips on sofa for small room for you to check out. In addition, I also separated some very cool models for you to get inspired and choose the one that best suits your environment. So check out the full article below!

L-shaped sofa for living room

The first sofa model for you to bet on is the L-shaped sofa. However, it is very common for people to believe that this type of sofa is not suitable for small rooms, as it has more accents, many believe that it tends to occupy more space. .

However, the truth is that the L-shaped sofa can be an excellent option for you to use. This is because, it uses the corners between one wall and another, making your room more modern and not unlike ordinary sofas.

So, if you are looking for a small room, but that is a little cozier, you can choose an L-shaped sofa, only smaller. And to make it even more interesting, you put a rug and several pillows to make it cozier.

Colorful small living room sofa

Betting on a colorful sofa can also be an option for your home, in fact, this is ideal for those who like a more fun environment. However, if you choose to place a small and colorful living room sofa, it is important that you pay close attention.

This is because the sofa itself already draws a lot of attention, so if you use a yellow one for example, you need to be very careful with the other elements that will be in the environment. Otherwise your room will be very exaggerated and it will not look very beautiful visually.

So, if you want to choose this sofa model, I suggest that you use neutral colors on the wall, ceiling and floor and bet on a colorful sofa to give light to your environment.

Sofa model for small and narrow room

For people who, in addition to having a small room, are also narrower, it is a challenge to find the ideal model. After all, the space is even smaller! But still, there is an excellent option for these people, being the traditional two-seat sofa.

The cool thing about this model is that although it is very small, it looks beautiful in the environment if you know how to compose it. The big balcony is you are attentive to the colors of the environment and the decorative objects. So, I’m sure you will be able to make a beautiful decoration in your home using this sofa model.

Gray small sofa

The next option is the small gray sofa, which has stood out a lot today. Since gray is a color that looks amazing in the environment and you can make a wonderful decoration using it.

In addition, this sofa for a small living room has a color that makes the environment more modern. This is because gray is a color that represents modernity. So once you bet on it, your house will have that feeling in the environment.

So if that is your goal or you like this style of decoration, betting on the sofa for the small gray room is an excellent alternative.

Retractable sofa model for small living room

Betting on a retractable sofa is an excellent option for those who have a small room. This is because this is an option that allows you to increase when you want more comfort. So just pull the seat, making it bigger and more comfortable.

In addition, the retractable small living room sofa has several types of models. That way, you can analyze the decoration of your environment and choose the option that best suits your needs. Therefore, betting on the retractable sofa is something that cannot be missing!


Two-seat wide sofa

The two-seater sofa also works in small environments and is simply beautiful in the living room. The great difference of this model for the others is that although it has two seats, they are a little more spacious than the traditional ones. Thus, getting more comfortable and pleasant in the environment.

In addition, this model is also another option that brings modernity to the environment. Because its amplitude brings a certain difference between the other models. Thus making your small room look much more modern.

Sofa set for small room

It is very common for people who have a small room to be in doubt as to whether or not it is worth betting on a sofa set. After all, games usually take up a lot of space in the environment, which ends up being a challenge. However it is possible to do so, but it is important that you pay close attention when choosing the game.

So for this case, the ideal model are the ones with the thinnest arms and back, as they end up taking up less space. In addition, it is more interesting to choose sofas that have the same model but buy separately. Because usually the sets are usually very large and this ends up taking up a lot of space in the environment.

White sofa

The white living room sofa is simply amazing. And of course, you can bet on it too. So in this case, it is up to you to choose the sofa model, since the only requirement is your color.

However, when you choose the model, I suggest that you, first of all, try to take all measurements of your room. So that you can find a model that fits perfectly with the ideal size of your room.

Tips: Small room decor

Now that you have seen the main models of sofa for small room, I will show you how to decorate this space. After all, whether you like it or not, decorating a smaller space is more difficult. But of course, with a few tips, you can do this without any difficulty.

So, see below some incredible tips that I have separated for you to decorate your small room. Check out!

Use the walls

To start, the first tip I have separated is about the use of the walls. Many times people forget that the wall is an element that can also be used. And of course, this saves a lot of space in the environment.

Thus, betting on the wall is essential and there are countless ways you can take advantage of it. For example, you can use a panel for television, put pictures to compose the environment or even use shelves to place decorative objects.

Therefore, I suggest that you start to analyze your decoration and seek to always be looking for ways that can take advantage of the walls of your room.

Bet on the boards

And speaking of the use of the walls, as I mentioned, one thing that makes all the difference in the decoration is the use of the paintings. The cool thing about this is that because they are on the wall, you will not spend absolutely any space on its use. That way, you will be able to increase your small room without any difficulty.

Place a large rug

The next tip is to use the carpet in the room, and the interesting thing about it is that it does not take up so much space, as this will not interfere with the circulation of the environment. In addition, today you will find numerous models of very interesting rugs, including some that fit perfectly with sofa models for small rooms.

Another interesting thing when using the rug is the fact that it brings such a coziness to the environment. So for people looking for a more comfortable environment, it is worth mentioning the use of the big rug as well.

Use cushions

The next tip to decorate the small room is to use pillows, which cannot be missing. The good thing about using the pillows in the decoration is the fact that you don’t have so many rules with it. So once this happens, you don’t need to pay as much attention to the use of the pillows as this will not leave your environment exaggerated.

In addition, it is important to highlight that to make it more interesting, you can choose patterns of pillows that have to do with the decoration present in your room. So that, it helps to complete the decoration and make the environment much more beautiful.

Don’t forget the lighting

And finally, the last tip I brought you to decorate your small room is to abuse the lighting. This is because lighting is another item that also does not require space and makes all the difference in the environment. Therefore, ideal for people who have a small room.

So I suggest that you put some pendants or chandeliers in the room to make it more sophisticated. In addition, you may also be adding some light fixtures to the wall to make it even more interesting. The important thing is that you don’t forget to take advantage of this decorative item.

The best sofas for small living room

Images to be inspired!

Functional sofa with chest underneath

Sofa model in black and brown L

White curved sofa

Small neutral room with details on the wall

Patterned armchair in small room

Fireplace in small room with gray sofa

Chairs in the room

Small environment with coffee table

Composition on the wall with decorative frames


Gray colors in the decoration and white frame on the wall

Gray L-shaped sofa with a patterned cushion

Whitewall in a small room and Chinese balloon on the ceiling

Small white sofa for small space

Pouf in the center of the room and large clock on the wall

Gray three-seat sofa

Blank black frames composition with small shelves

Gray sofa with colorful cushions

L-shaped sofa with colorful cushions

White sofa and frames on the wall

Modern living room with white small sofa

Striped sofa model in small room

Plant in living room and green sofa in decoration

Functional sofa model with bed underneath

Another functional sofa model that turns into a table

Colorful pouf in the room and armchairs

Small room with brown two-seat sofa

Cozy environment with plants and cushions

Small room with clear with pillows

Modern decor with neutral colors

Decorative painting on the wall and pastel tones in the decoration

Prints in small room and frames with green frames

Armchairs decorating the room and flowers in the center

Palette of shades of brown in the room

Fireplace in the room and gray armchairs

Minimalist painting in the room and large plant in the ambeinte

Dark blue sofa with striped cushions

Curved velvet sofa model

Small environment with coffee table in the middle

Green velvet sofa

Room with several windows and brown tones in the decoration

Minimalist decor with gray colors in the room